The US is about to issue a bill to rectify Facebook and Google

Bipartisan members in the US Congress are about to propose a bill to help coalition small information publishers when negotiating with “internet gatekeepers” such as Facebook, Google.

The US bill is set at a time when Australia is in a fierce battle with Facebook. Photo: AFP

Republican Rep. Ken Buck, a member of the Antitrust Council of the US House Judiciary Committee told Reuters news agency on Feb. 18 (US time) that in the next few weeks, the panel will launch a series of the antitrust bill and the first of them would allow small information publishers to shake hands with each other when negotiating with Facebook and Google.

Publishers in the US accuse social networking platforms of using their news to attract users, but “eat” all of the advertising revenue. The bill to be introduced by the Antitrust Council of the US House of Representatives Committee could help publishers in the US remove ad sales in the context of their news business. difficulties during the social networking boom.

The bill is set at a time when Australia is in a fierce battle with Facebook. This social network recently “unfriend” the Australian market by blocking users and media outlets in the country from sharing and searching for news, including philanthropy, medical services and services. another emergency.

The move is said to be Facebook’s response to Australia’s bill to ask Facebook and Google to pay publishers for information to help drive more traffic to Facebook and Google platforms, or two companies. This Big Tech company must accept to pay certain fees according to the arbitrator’s judgment.

While Facebook struggled with the Australian market and information publishers, Google turned to agreements with publishers in France, Australia, and several other countries.

Google this week announced that the “search giant” has approved a global deal with media magnate Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Group on “substantial payments” for the media company. This is one of the largest deals of this kind of cooperation.

Small-scale information units that have used Google advertising technology for many years, all understand that their larger competitors have received revenue-sharing deals that benefit from the “giant. search”.

According to data from the Pew Research Center (USA), the US information industry is struggling and jobs in newspapers have halved since 2008 due to changing media habits and advertising revenue. these sheets declined.

Republican Rep. Ken Buck said the bill would be similar to the 2019 bill proposed by David Cicilline, chairman of the Antitrust Council of the US House Judiciary Committee. The bill only allows small-scale publishing houses to cooperate with each other when negotiating with “internet gatekeepers” like Facebook and Google, without facing antitrust scrutiny.

The offices of David Cicilline, Facebook, and Google are yet to be reached for official comment.

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