The US President requested an adjustment of the COVID-19 relief package

The nearly $ 900 billion COVID-19 bailout package is part of an overarching budget bill totaling $ 2,300 billion to fund the operations of US government agencies in fiscal year 2021.

US President Donald Trump. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

On December 22, US President Donald Trump signed the bill temporary spending to extend the activities of US government agencies by one week. However, Mr. Trump announced that he would not approve the COVID-19 bailout package worth nearly $ 900 billion that Congress just passed if the bill was not adjusted.

The White House announcement said US lawmakers had proposed funding to federal agencies until December 28 so that government operations would not be interrupted.

Regarding the COVID-19 bailout package, in a video statement posted on Twitter, President Trump said he would refuse to approve if the bill on the bailout remained the same. now on.

“It is a real disgrace. I will ask Congress to amend this bill and increase subsidies, from the ridiculous low of $ 600 today to $ 2,000 or $ 4,000,” Trump said. I am also going to ask Congress to immediately remove wasteful and unnecessary terms from this bill and send me only the right one. “

According to analysts, it is difficult for Congress to comply with Trump’s request before the current interim budget expires on December 28. In the event that Mr. Trump vetoed the bill, it is possible that Congress with the consensus of the two parties will use the power to veto the decision of the President to not have to again vote on the temporary spending bill to maintain the budget. Operational books for the government.

The aforementioned nearly $ 900 billion bailout package is part of an overarching budget bill with a total value of $ 2,300 billion to finance the operations of Government agencies America in fiscal year 2021 (ended September 30, 2021), as well as support for the economy that is heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As proposed by the COVID-19 relief financing package, each American citizen with an income of less than $ 75,000 / year or couples with an income below $ 150,000 / year will be supported $ 600 / person. In addition, each dependent under the age of 18 in the same household will receive USD 600. People earning $ 99,000 or more a year will not receive benefits.

Despite welcoming the bailout package, many advocacy groups in Congress believe that the money is not enough to help Americans who have been struggling for many months, even though this bailout has not been reached. hands of many people.

The groups above call on President-elect Joe Biden to have more supportive policy when he officially enters the White House. For his part, Mr. Biden vowed to ask Congress to pass one more bailout again after he took office early next year./.

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