The US President threatened to veto the Annual Defense Authorization Act

The US President threatened to veto the Annual Defense Authorization Act

President Trump warned to veto the NDAA bill if it did not include a provision to remove Article 230 of the Communications Standards Act to protect Internet companies.

US President Donald Trump speaks to the press in Washington, DC. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

December 1, US President Donald Trump warning will veto the bill Name Annual Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) if this does not include a provision that excludes Article 230 of the Communications Standards Act of 1996 to protect Internet companies.

On Twitter, President Trump stated that if Article 230 is not removed completely as part of the NDAA bill, he will be forced to veto the bill.

Mr. Trump also said that Article 230 is “very dangerous and unfair.”

Article 230 of the US Communications Standards Act protects Internet companies from lawsuits by third parties regarding content posted on their platforms. Accordingly, any website or content hosting service – such as comments on news sites, Youtube video platforms, or Facebook and Twitter services, cannot be sued for content. user posted.

President Trump and Republican MPs have repeatedly called for the law to be canceled “for national security purposes.”

Previously, President Trump also threatened to veto the NDAA bill because it included a provision to rename military bases that are named after the Confederacy commanders in the country.

This bill was passed by the US Senate, now controlled by the Republican Party, in late July with 86 votes in favor and 14 votes against.

This is the rare time Senate Republicans have expressed disagreement with Trump, paving the way for a debate among US officials in the White House later this year.

Before that, another version of NDAA, which also includes the renaming clause, was passed in the House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats.

Up to 75% of the Deputies supported the document, enough to overcome President Trump’s veto power.

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