The US Vice President debate: The flames of the Covid-19 controversy continue to flare up

Confrontation Mike Pence – Kamala Harris: The fire of controversy over Covid-19 continues to explode

There is no rude criticism and slow “counter-attack”, but the presidential debate between Mr. Mike Pence and Ms. Kamala Harris still ignites the flames of anti-epidemic and taxation controversies.

Pence (right) and Harris are arranged to sit 3.6 m apart and separated by glass walls to ensure compliance with social distance. Photo: AFP

Anti-epidemic and taxation are two topics that President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden fiercely debated last week and are now continued by Vice President Mike Pence and rivals from the faction. Democrat Kamala Harris induces the presidential debate that takes place 7/10 night (US time).

Mr. Pence and Harris’s rhetoric did not deviate from the “ring of fire” that Donald Trump and Joe Biden set up during the debate last week, but both dodged questions about specific issues to avoid gossip.

Harris, who accompanied Joe Biden in the race for the White House, has targeted the medical achievements, the response to climate change and foreign policy of President Donald Trump, while Pence has worked to defend the results of the Washington administration, led by the Republicans, for nearly four years.

“The Americans have seen the biggest failure of a presidential administration in the country’s history,” Harris hinted at the Trump administration during an argument with Pence at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Pence, on the other hand, blamed the Covid-19 epidemic on China and praised the Trump administration’s efforts to fight the epidemic and cited President Trump’s aggressive decision to dictate entry restrictions on migrants. from the translation zone in China in late January.

“I want Americans to know that from the very first day President Donald Trump has put American health first,” Pence said, adding: “China is responsible for the Covid-19 virus. And President Trump is not satisfied with this “.

The Trump administration’s whirlwind debate moderator recalled that at the US Supreme Court nomination announcement last month, the wearing of masks and social spacing were not complied with, and many The attendees at the event, including President Donald Trump, were positive for Covid-19.

It is an outdoor event, Vice President Pence justified, then turned to criticize Ms. Harris and Mr. Biden for calling for wearing masks across the United States as an act of disrespecting the freedom of people to choose measures to protect fish health. multiply.

“You must respect the Americans by telling the truth to them,” replied Harris, adding that Mr Trump has taken Covid-19 lightly for the past several months.

At the debate, candidates Pence and Harris were seated 12 feet apart and separated by glass walls, with the intention of complying with social distance and reminding Americans about The pandemic has killed more than 210,000 Americans and devastated the world’s largest economy.

Meanwhile, Pence seeks to blow Harris on the economic problems and tax policy of Joe Biden, with the implication that “On the first day, Joe Biden will increase your tax revenues”.

And Harris countered by asserting that Biden has vowed not to increase taxes on those earning less than $ 400,000 a year.

When asked about the Covid-19-resistant vaccine, Harris said, she only believed scientists’ words more than Trump’s, who advocated using unproven therapies.

“If the doctor told us to take it (vaccine-BTV), I would definitely be the first to do it,” Harris said, adding. “If Trump told us to do it, I would refuse”.

Pence responded by accusing Harris of his words of undermining public confidence in the Covid-19 resistant vaccine. “It’s not conscientious. Don’t play politics with people’s lives,” Pence said.

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