The Visale Guarantee possible for all employees earning less than 1,500 euros – EconomieMatin

The Visale Guarantee managed by Action Logement will be extended to all employees earning less than 1,500 euros net per month.

Extension of the Visale Guarantee

It is sometimes difficult to find accommodation in some big cities, when you have a low income and no deposit. This is why, five years ago, Action Logement in partnership with the State launched the Garantie Vitale. This is a free rental deposit but also support in the event of a money problem and therefore payment default. Access to this guarantee has been extended since June 4, 2021, to all employees earning less than 1,500 euros net per month.

Thus, with this expansion, 6 million employees will be eligible for this Guarantee. The device that is free allows the beneficiary to present Action Logement as a deposit for the rental. This therefore allows the tenant to access housing and the owner to reassure themselves against the risk of default on payment.

Up to 36 months of unpaid debts covered

Action Logement therefore takes over when a tenant no longer has the means to pay his rent. The Visale Guarantee thus covers up to 36 months of unpaid debts that the tenant must then reimburse to Action Logement according to a plan defined according to the beneficiary’s resources. This deposit, which aims to facilitate access to housing, previously only concerned people under 30 whose rent corresponded to 50% of their resources.

As of June 4, 2021, new criteria have therefore entered into force. For those under 31, all professional situations are accepted, whether the beneficiary is already an employee or still a student. For those over 31, you must be an employee of the private sector and prove that your salary is less than or equal to 1,500 euros net per month. For employees in a situation of professional mobility, it is necessary to justify a CDI during a trial period or a CDD for less than six months.