The visit begins a new chapter in Vietnam-US relations

Vice President Harris: The visit begins a new chapter in Vietnam-US relations

“I believe this visit signals the beginning of the next chapter in the relationship between the United States and Vietnam,” said US Vice President Kamala D. Harris at a press conference this afternoon on August 26.

US Vice President Kamala D. Harris informed about the visit to Vietnam at the press conference. Photo: VNA

At the press conference concluding the visit to Vietnam held in Hanoi, Vice President Harris expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome that Vietnam has given her and the delegation. “As many of you know, I am the first Vice President of the United States to visit Vietnam since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1995. And I believe this visit heralds the beginning of the next chapter in relationship between the US and Vietnam,” Ms. Harris said.

“Now, we are strengthening our partnership. Together we will tackle the traditional problems and challenges, and the problems of the future; and within the challenges there are also challenges. opportunities that help us open up new facets of our relationship,” he added.

Mrs. Harris “As you have stood with us – and I say this to the people of Vietnam in the early days of the pandemic, in the spring of 2020, we are here for you in your time of need,” stressed. This morning, more Covid-19 vaccines were slowly delivered from the US to Hanoi through the COVAX vaccine distribution mechanism.”

In addition, the US is also providing freezers for Vietnam to distribute Covid-19 vaccines and millions of dollars in support for public health. The US also opened the Southeast Asia Regional Office of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Hanoi.

“We wish and hope that the people of Vietnam know that we will be with you as you battle the growing epidemic,” said Vice President Harris.

On the issue of upgrading Vietnam-US relations to a strategic partnership, President Joe Biden’s “deputy” believes that the real relationship between the two countries is built on a foundation of mutual understanding and desire to strengthen the economic and security positions of both countries, as well as their ability to meet challenges in the world. future.

The US Vice President said that Covid-19 is only a current issue of the global health crisis and what we can do together, to join forces, not only deal at the present time as a problem. vaccine supply, the fact that Vietnam has helped the US with personal protective equipment (PPE) or the US is supporting Vietnam with vaccines, but also together to prepare for the next inevitable pandemic.

“That’s part of what it means to strengthen this relationship strategically – “strategically,” which means thinking about what might be our challenges, but also our opportunities. us,” said the US Vice President.

“For example, we also spent a lot of time talking about what we can do together as it relates to the supply chain, and how we understand and know that there is a link between a crisis and a crisis. global public health crises such as Covid-19 and the production of essential goods, and their impact on global economies such as the workforce.”

In it, the two sides had in-depth discussions not only on the meaning of strengthening the workforce but also increasing the strength of the supply chain. Those are just a few of many examples, the vice president said.

“I want to tell you that it was a very productive and in-depth conversation about how we share concerns. If you look at the Mekong and what’s happening like the erosion problem in there, we see similar problems in the US and what we can do together, which is to invest in innovation and technology, and also think about how we can develop the economy along with things like renewable energy”.

“That’s what the exchange was about, and those are examples of what it means to strengthen a strategic relationship,” Harris said.