The wealth of the French has increased, but less than elsewhere in Europe

In 2020, the net wealth of the French increased by 5.9%. This growth is less compared to that of the assets of our British (+ 7.5%) and German (+ 17.7%) neighbors, we learn from Crédit Suisse’s latest “Global wealth report”.

France: the value of assets has increased, as has debt

The year 2020 was conducive to an increase in household wealth. In France, net wealth increased by 5.9% per person on average. This increase is certainly impressive when compared to that observed in Norway (+ 0.6%) or Finland (+ 1.2%) for example. But it is much smaller than in the United Kingdom (+ 7.5%), Denmark (+11.5) or even in Germany (+ 17.7%), Credit Suisse tells us in the latest edition of its annual “Global wealth report”.

Proof that the indebtedness of the French increased in 2020, the gross value of their assets (without taking into account any indebtedness) increased by 6.9%. Our neighbors are showing more substantial growth: + 7.1% in the United Kingdom and + 13.4% in Germany, for example.

The financial heritage of the French has progressed well

If there is one indicator that France can be proud of, it is the progression of the value of financial wealth per person. In our country, in 2020, it increased by 14%, which is even more than in Germany (+ 13.4%) and much more than in the United Kingdom (+ 8.7%). Still, there are countries in Europe where it has progressed even more: in Finland, Sweden and Norway, it has increased by 17% on average.

Regarding non-financial wealth, its growth gives no reason to be happy: it was only 1.9% in France, against 5% in the United Kingdom for example. Once is not custom, in this area, the Nordic countries show a negative performance: the non-financial wealth of their citizens depreciated by 5.3%.