The White House doctor confirmed that Trump was no longer a risk of infection

White House Doctor: President Trump is no longer a Covid-19 contagious risk

Less than two weeks after President Donald Trump announced Covid-19 infection, the White House doctor confirmed that Trump was no longer a risk of infection and no longer had to quarantine himself.

US President Donald Trump speaks at the White House on October 10. Photo: AFP

Assessing the health status of President Trump, White House doctor Sean Conley has just said: “It is now the 10th day since (Mr. Trump) has symptoms of infection, (Mr. Trump) has cut the fever. over the past 24 hours and all symptoms have improved; the results of advanced diagnostic tests show that there are no longer signs of Covid-19 regenerating. “

“In the near future, I will continue to monitor his health (Donald Trump – BTV) when he returns to his schedule,” added Dr. Sean Conley.

Mr. Conley said President Trump has been identified to have “reduced viral load”. Viral load reflects the amount of virus present in any sample taken from a patient, be it a sample of the patient’s blood in case of Covid-19 infection, or a nasopharyngeal smear.

Dr. Conley did not disclose the results of Mr. Trump’s recent tests and did not confirm whether Mr. Trump would continue to receive treatment.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with moderate or severe Covid-19 infection can be a source of infection for 20 days or longer after positive for Covid-19. They need to quarantine themselves during that time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends.

Earlier, President Trump on October 10 first appeared in public at the White House since being diagnosed and hospitalized because of Covid-19.

Hundreds of guests arrived at the White House South Lawn area for Mr. Trump’s short talk from the balcony. Attendees were not tested for Covid-19 and no social restraint measures were taken; at the same time they are not required to wear masks.

“It’s disappearing,” Trump said of Covid-19 and did not mention whether he had to resort to oxygen therapy and steroid drug therapy.

“I want you to know that America will defeat this terrible virus,” Trump added. “We are creating powerful therapies and drugs, we cure the sick, and we will recover and the Covid-19 vaccine is coming soon.”

According to preliminary statistics from the NBC news agency, more than 215,000 Americans have died from Covid-19 and the number of infections has reached nearly 7.8 million.

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