The WHO predicts more COVID-19 vaccine will be available

World Health Organization (WHO) scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, said that there are currently 13 potential vaccines still in clinical trials. This is “an optimistic prospect”, she said, as a characteristic 10% success rate suggests more approval of COVID-19 vaccines could be expected.

The phase 3 test results of some COVID-19 vaccine candidates will be available later this year or early 2021.

The WHO expert also confirmed that the organization will never approve a vaccine that has not been proven safe, predicting that a large-scale COVID-19 vaccination may not be until the middle of next year. This is despite the fact that in the coming weeks it is likely that the US will start distributing this vaccine.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also called for fairer and more effective use of vaccines, according to Reuters news agency.

So far, 78 more high-income countries have joined the global vaccine distribution plan “COVAX”, bringing the total number of participating countries to 170 and that number is still increasing, the Director-General of WHO said.

Mr. Tedros urged other countries to join COVAX with binding commitments before the 18 September 2020 deadline.

WHO and the GAVI vaccine alliance are leading a COVAX plan to purchase and distribute COVID-19 equitably around the world.

However, some countries, including the US, that have obtained the vaccine supply through bilateral contracts, have said they will not join COVAX.

“Vaccine nationalism will prolong the pandemic, not shorten it,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the WHO press conference in Geneva on September 4, but did not mention which country.

“If we ever have an effective vaccine, we have to use it effectively … In other words, the first priority should be to vaccinate some people in every country, not everyone. in some countries, “he continued, adding that vaccines will be given priority first to health care workers, the elderly, and those with underlying medical conditions.

The WHO Director-General also thanked Germany, Japan, Norway, and the European Commission for joining COVAX in the last week.