The world’s leading internet company apologizes to its employees for offering fake rewards

The world’s leading internet company apologizes to its employees for offering fake rewards

A GoDaddy spokesperson expressed regret that the company’s security test unintentionally caused employee shortages and found it to be a lack of sophistication.

(Source: martechtoday)

On December 24, GoDaddy Network Company America has apologized after bringing the issue of bonuses Christmas out to subject an employee information security test that did not actually have this bonus. GoDaddy is the largest Internet domain name management company in the world.

Specifically, in December, about 500 GoDaddy employees received an email from the company that promised a $ 650 bonus for Christmas and asked the employee to fill out a form of personal information.

Two days later, the employees received another letter from the company’s security director, notifying that the recipient was someone who had not passed the company’s security test.

The company ran this test to gauge employee vigilance with a trick that hackers often use phishing – sending fake emails from victims’ acquaintances to trick them into providing information. , from there they can infiltrate their computer systems.

This would probably be a normal test if not done in a period of economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that makes the problem of salary and bonus especially sensitive.

GoDaddy’s actions have met with criticism from social media users after the Arizona newspaper Copper Courier published information about the test, saying it was “unspecified” in the context of many workers. income is being reduced because of the economic crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the new announcement, a GoDaddy spokesperson affirmed that the company is always focused on ensuring the security of its Internet platform, and expressed regret that the company’s security test accidentally caused shortages for the staff and realize this is a lack of sophistication.

Although the test mentioned above is only intended to simulate the real-world situations that might occur, GoDaddy found itself to be more cautious and delicate when performing this type of test./.

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