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The very closed circle of “designer dogs” continues to grow and welcomes a newcomer to the Yorkipoo. This miniature dog resulting from a hybridization between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle retains some peculiarities of its ancestors such as its intelligence. Due to its small size, it is the perfect apartment dog.

Yorkipoo characteristics

Since this is a very recent breed, not much is known about the Yorkipoo yet. This miniature dog measures between 17 and 38 cm at the withers and weighs on average between 1.3 and 6.4 kg. Its weight and size will mainly depend on the breeds that have participated in its crossing according to the experts. The Yorkipoo is recognizable by its large, medium-sized head as well as its elongated muzzle. He has sparkling, shiny eyes that are brown or dark in color and express sweetness. Medium in size, the ears hang down to the sides and have rounded ends. What makes the Yorkipoo unique is also its coat which is soft, silky and can be smooth or wavy. As the hair is devoid of dandruff and does not fall out, this dog is hypoallergenic and adapts to people who are sensitive to animal hair. Her dress is very variable and can display different colors: black, brown, chocolate, gray, white, red or cream.

History of the Yorkipoo breed

Designer dogs have been popular in recent years. These are breeds created from other pure breeds in order to obtain a dog with specific physical characteristics. Aesthetics are especially sought after in crossbreeding works, hence the notion of “designer dog”. However, the animal may also have other particularities such as a hypoallergenic character for example. This is the case of the Yorkipoo which was created to adapt to people with allergies, but which also appeals for its miniature size. Its origins are unclear, but we know that it has been around for ten years now. Like many “designer dogs”, he is not recognized by any cynological authority for the moment.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Yorkipoo

The Yorkipoo is perfect for apartment living especially because of its small size. He is recognized as an affectionate and active animal who appreciates the presence of people. He is a good dog in his skin who shows little mistrust of strangers. Very curious, he likes to explore his environment and never misses an opportunity to take a few small tours, just to be interesting. To thrive, he needs a firm and consistent education with gentleness. It must also be the object of an early socialization.

Yorkipoo diet and main health problems

The Yorkipoo needs very good medical monitoring, because it can be affected by many diseases such as tracheal collapse, colitis, Legg Perthes calvé disease, hypoglycemia or dislocation of the kneecap. A healthy and balanced diet is also essential to maintain health and ensure well-being.

Price of a Yorkipoo dog or puppy

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