The Yorkshire Terrier: Character, Education, Health, Price | Dog Breed

Don’t be fooled by his small size or teddy bear appearance, the Yorkshire Terrier has a strong character and sometimes develops a certain nervousness. Anyway, he remains very attached to his masters and needs love to feel good.

Characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier

Its small size does not prevent it from exuding a certain elegance. The Yorkshire benefits from a compact and harmonious body which gives it an important look. The head is flat and small in size with a small round skull and a bearded, moderately long muzzle. It reveals particularly expressive dark and shiny eyes. At the level of the ears, they are carried upright and form a kind of small V. A peculiarity of the Yorkshire Terrier is its long coat, shiny, smooth and silky to the touch. Strands sometimes fall over the eyes and need to be tied high to prevent eye problems from developing. As for the dress, it sports a dark steel blue color which must be dissociated from the bronze or fawn tones which generally appear at the level of the lower limbs and the head.

The Yorkshire enjoys a compact and harmonious body

History of the Yorkshire Terrier breed

According to history, this breed came from a region in northern England called Yorkshire. In the 19th century, employed workers and Scottish miners introduced small burrows to Yorkshire. The dogs were mainly used for hunting pests and for poaching. So far, however, specialists have not really succeeded in determining the origins of this breed because of the lack of complete and official documents on this subject. They agree in saying despite everything that the Yorkshire Terrier would be the result of crosses of different terriers, including the Clydesdale, the Cairn, the Skye as well as the “Melita Terrier”.

The Yorkshire Terrier shines with its intelligence

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier shines with its intelligence, liveliness and curiosity. But he also has character and it is important to educate him as early as possible, because by punishing him he can develop aggression and end up biting. As it is a companion dog, it evolves very well with families to whom it shows attachment and love. On the other hand, since it is small in size, children are tempted to treat it like a toy. It is important, even crucial, to prevent them from viewing it that way, primarily for their safety, but also for the welfare of the animal. Because of its hunter origins, the Yorkshire Terrier needs regular physical exercise.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Diet and main health problems of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier can be overweight. Also, it is advisable to pay attention to your diet. If you go for homemade food, avoid foods that are too sweet and too fatty. In case of food based on croquettes, a daily ratio of 40 g should be sufficient.

On the health side, joint disorders are the most feared. This breed has fragile bones especially in the kneecap and cervical vertebrae. Also pay attention to dental problems which are not uncommon.

Price of a Yorkshire Terrier Dog or Puppy

  • Yorkshire Terrier male price: € 1,100
  • Yorkshire Terrier price female: € 1,250