There will be no union at Amazon in the United States

There will be no union within Amazon in the United States. A closely scrutinized vote took place in a warehouse in Alabama: the employees finally voted against it.

It was a historic vote in this Amazon warehouse based in Bessemer, Alabama: employees voted on the creation of a union. A vote that interested beyond the borders of this American state: movie stars, sportsmen, as well as politicians like Bernie Sanders came to support the employees in their project to create a union. Which would have been a first: in the United States, Amazon has no employee representatives. But with 1,800 votes against for 740 votes in favor, the latter decided not to set up a union in this warehouse.

Pressure on employees

This is a victory for the e-commerce giant. He had multiplied information meetings on the subject with employees, and sent multiple SMS and e-mails to explain his point of view on the issue. And hammered out his arguments: the company practices a minimum wage of $ 15, double that in effect in Alabama. It also offers health coverage as well as parental leave. Social benefits which explain the decline in employees.

A sector in great shape

But the unions in the distribution sector believe that there has been pressure from Amazon, they also intend to file a complaint. But it is true that while the epidemic has greatly benefited Amazon, the looming economic crisis may have frightened some employees. In a difficult context, Amazon is hiring hard, the demand is there. It is one of the largest employers in the United States.