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7 out of 10 motorists will have a problem in the next two to three years. The figure is not mine, but the 40 million motorists association: with the creation of more than 150 EPZs, low-emission zones spread throughout France, there are 17 million vehicles to 2 or 4 wheels which will in fact no longer have the right to circulate everywhere.

Areas with low CO2 emissions where you will have to drive an electric car

All? No: there are several exceptions. First of all, vehicles used by professionals can obtain exemptions. To put it simply, you have to prove that you cannot replace the vehicle immediately for economic reasons. But that only makes it possible to obtain a deferral period, it is not a permanent exemption.

For individuals, the authorities’ response is that of conversion aid. With the various bonuses, you can buy an electric car, or classified Crit’Air 1, benefiting from thousands of euros in premiums and various bonuses. But in the end, you still have to get out of the money or go into debt.

Classic cars will be allowed

Finally, there is one last option: you have a car over 30 years old. If this is the case, you can then ask to have your vehicle registration pass into a “collection” registration document. but for that, there is all the same a condition: it is necessary that the car is a minimum clean, that it has good look. It is indeed the FFVE, the French federation of vintage vehicles, which will investigate the case, and deliver you the papers allowing you to request a gray card collection. And for that, she asks in particular photos of the vehicle. On the other hand, contrary to popular belief, all cars over 30 years old can be classified as a collection. The 106, for example, is celebrating its 30th anniversary: ​​a 106 that still looks good is therefore a vintage car, if its owner requests it.

Advantage, in addition to the right to travel in EPZs, reduced insurance, and reduced technical control, once every 5 years!

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