This is “the best fabada in the world 2020”, which is also made in Asturias

The fabada of the restaurant “The crossing”, in the municipality of Soto del Barco, won last Tuesday the title of «The Best Fabada in the World 2020», in the tenth edition of the contest organized by the Villaviciosa City Council and the Gustatio gastronomic events company. “I’m very happy. I have been making fabada for many years. I think it always worked out for me, but now I have this recognition that makes me happy, “the cook told ABC Viajar yesterday Ana Azpiazu, overwhelmed by “so many phone calls.”

The event gathered like every year a hundred establishments throughout Spain specialized in this traditional stew, which, however, is not excessively old, since its origin dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In this edition the participants came from Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Malaga, Murcia, Valencia, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Granada, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Alicante and Zaragoza.

Ana Azpiazu and Rosa María Vales, with the winning fabada
Ana Azpiazu and Rosa María Vales, with the winning fabada – Gustatio

“My mother and mother-in-law were cooks, so I’ve been in the kitchen all my life,” says Ana Azpiazu. «And all the life with the fabada. I do it with a good product, a lot of care and without haste, as I would like to eat it to me ». The ration in this house costs 17 euros.

Soto del Barco is in the Lower Nalón, at the mouth of the river, and Azpiazu believes that the flavor of fabas picks up the sediment of the coal. As for «El Cruce», it is a typical Asturian house, made of stone and wood, with a granary, a small dining room with ten tables and a terrace, which has been key in this summer and pandemic months. Nearby are the airport and Playa de los Quebrantos, which, together with the Bayas beach, has three kilometers of sand.

Other award-winning restaurants

In second place was the fabada of “Michem” (Villabona) and the third place went to “Pedro House” (Parres). The award for the best compango in the world also went to “El Cruce” (Soto del Barco) and the best fabada from Villaviciosa Memorial Amable Bedriñana was taken “La Llosa” by Oles.

In addition, for the first time an award was awarded to “The Best Fabada on the Menu” which went to the restaurant The picnic area of ​​Covadonga, the second classified for the best fabada on the menu went to The Salcedo Tavern (Oviedo) and the third the Cider house Prida (Nava). They have deserved a special mention The Corner of Adi and the Vizcaína de Oviedo and La Llosa de Oles.

The jury in charge of choosing “The Best Fabada in the World” was made up of chefs Pedro Morán (Casa Gerardo), Luis Alberto Martínez (Casa Fermín), Gregorio García (Oleum); and the gastronomic experts José Ribagorda, Juan Antonio Duyos, David Fernández-Prada and Víctor Berdasco (La Tierrina Vaqueira).

Winners of a decade

The winners of the first decade of The Best Fabada in the World are: Casa de Comidas Chema (2011 and 2017), El Moreno (2012), El Llar de Viri (2013), Sidrería Bedriñana (2014), Los Pomares (2015), Vista Alegre (2016), Gaucho Fierro (2018) and La Sauceda (2019).

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