This is the new longest suspension pedestrian bridge in the world

You can start the tour in Spiunca or maybe in the Areinho, you can walk up to eight kilometers along the Paiva river passageways… And, suddenly, the largest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world rises, opening shortly some 65 kilometers from Porto.

We are in Arouca and we are surprised by the new structure, which unfolds its 516 meters as the culmination of a complex formed by a network of paths for walkers. This is precisely what it will be called: “516 Arouca” so that the figure is registered in the collective memory as a brand image, a true claim in these times of current pandemic.

At about 175 meters high and with a width of 1.20 in a uniform way during its itinerary, the construction is called to reactivate the tourism of the surroundings, as stagnant as the region because of the onslaught of the crisis. For this reason, the local authorities are committed not to paralyze the “coming-out”, aware that it can become the boost they needed.

Its premiere has already suffered a delay, due to the social and health consequences derived from the coronavirus. The same circumstances that have led the mayor of Arouca, the socialist Margarida Belém, to consult with a committee of experts before promoting the rules that must come into force when the work is finally materialized. Above all, if we take into account that this municipality of 22,500 inhabitants accumulated 200 active cases of the new disease before September 10.

Thus, on the bridge and in all the Pasadizos del Paiva it is recommended walk in a group, but not together (Except for people who usually live under the same roof), between sunrise and sunset.

At the entrance there will be a temperature measurement and, if the result is positive, the visitor should call the Portugal Health Line, on the phone 808 24 24 24, in order to follow the instructions they receive.

Travelers must bring their own dispenser hydroalcoholic gel or in case they wish to wash their hands along the way, especially bearing in mind that it is recommended to avoid contact with the supports of the different surfaces.

Pasadizos del Paiva, an 8.7 km path made with wooden walkways
Pasadizos del Paiva, an 8.7 km path made with wooden walkways

The Ticket Sales It is only channeled through the internet, but in any case, it is necessary to validate the “ticket” at the beginning and at the end, always with the mask on, a circumstance that must be prolonged when accessing the toilet or when interacting with third parties. On the other hand, the development of the itinerary does not require the placement of this device on the face.

Also added are some behavior standards civic suitable for all kinds of contexts: observe the fauna from afar, do not damage the flora, do not deposit garbage in nature, carry baby strollers forbidden.

The Pasadizos del Paiva gives access to three river beaches, which offer the possibility of cooling off. In any case, it is advisable to bring water and a backpack to put the garbage. And, of course, the route includes emergency telephones, in case such an eventuality arises.

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