To vaccinate 12-18 year olds, both parents will need the agreement

Vaccination of 12-18 should begin Tuesday, June 15, 2021. And depending on the case, it will be necessary to provide a certificate with either the authorization of both parents, or only one.

Vaccination for young people is by no means compulsory

As Emmanuel Macron announced on his Twitter account on June 2, vaccination of adolescents aged 12 to 18 will begin on Tuesday June 15, 2021 in France with the Pfizer vaccine. This vaccination will in no case be compulsory for young people. It will be on a voluntary basis with the consent of the parents “, specifies Prime Minister Olivier Véran. The question arises, however, of consent. Do you need the consent of both parents or just one might be enough?

In a note addressed to health personnel, Olivier Véran affirms that the authorization of only one of the two parents may be sufficient if the minors are at risk of developing a severe form “Because of pathologies with which they are affected”. On the other hand, “ Apart from this situation, the vaccination of minors requires the authorization of the two holders of parental authority. “.

The presence of only one parent

Thus, in the presence of only one parent at the time of vaccination, it should be noted that undertakes on the honor that the parent co-holder of parental authority has given his authorization, and to inform him that any declaration or information which would prove to be erroneous subsequently, engages his only responsibility », Adds the note.

A Parental authorization certificate is already available online and is mandatory for any vaccination of minors aged 12 to 18. If the vaccine is not compulsory for young people, many of them are motivated by the idea of ​​being vaccinated in order to regain a normal social life and not to fear transmitting the virus to their elders. In the columns of JDD, Prof. Alain Fischer, also known under the name of “Monsieur vaccine” advocates vaccination for adolescents which would be a arithmetic imperative “To move closer to group immunity against Covid-19.