Toilet lighting: 10 mistakes to avoid!

The toilet is certainly the room we go to most often. And it is not always easy to know how to light it. It all depends on its brightness without any lighting. Do your toilets have a window or are they a blind room? Are your toilets integrated into your bathroom?

Good lighting in other rooms of your home such as this one can make your life more comfortable. Therefore, common lighting mistakes can end up robbing the comfort and joy of your home. Here are 10 typical lighting mistakes that can happen in your home – and some helpful tips to make them go away.

1 – A light that is too loud or dazzling

Whether you have a blind toilet or not, you need artificial light in this room. Better to avoid too bright lighting with too garish color. You don’t want an underground car park atmosphere and icy lighting in your toilets? Always favor – in your toilets too – a subtle and subdued light. What could be more beautiful than a black wall or a room completely painted in black, both subtly lit by a dim light?

2 – wanting to do too much in terms of lighting

You are not in a dentist’s office with a lamp that shines brightly on your face, but in your toilet where one or two points of light are sufficient. No need to overdo it. You can choose direct lighting and indirect light source. As in any discipline, excess is not good: on the contrary, aim for a harmonious light.

3 – Poorly lit photo frames or paintings

You have decided to install a work of art in your toilet. It is an original gesture. So enhance what makes the character of your bathroom: illuminate this centerpiece in the most optimal way. Even simple picture frames or pictures on your toilet wall deserve proper lighting. Again, choose your bulbs well. LEDs are arguably the best suited: they provide soft light and don’t produce heat – which could damage the precious items you display.

4 – Do not dare the mirror

Of course, it is about the decoration of the toilet and not of the bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the mirror – your toilet may be an integral part of your bathroom. The mirror reflects light and in this sense it has a role to play in lighting. In addition to giving you the feeling of space, the mirror brings you clarity. Moreover, in a (very) small room such as a toilet, it is appropriate to dare an XXL size mirror.

5 – rely only on lighting to make your toilets bright

The colors of your decoration affect the lighting. It is by no means a legend that the color white brings light. As long as this white, in paint, wallpaper or furniture is lit, this is the case. Mix white and for example light wood, and you will bring brightness to your room. You may also prefer other colors such as light tones. Because dark tones will not reflect daylight.

6 – opt for simply functional lighting

Just because you don’t stay in this room for extended periods doesn’t mean that you should neglect the aesthetics. You have installed a nice wallpaper, some picture frames, maybe even some green plants and candles. All this to give a soul to your room. So continue by choosing aesthetic lighting. Treat yourself to design.

7 – Make lighting that is too aesthetic

Conversely, don’t just focus on design. Certainly, it is pleasant to make an impression with a grandiloquent, unexpected, in short original decoration. But remember that the toilet is above all a functional space. The Beautiful should not take precedence over the Comfortable. It’s up to you to find the right balance between the two.

8 – Block out natural light

If you’re lucky enough to have a toilet with a window, don’t spoil this source of natural light. Let the window diffuse daylight, do not block it with furniture for example. Natural light is a source of benefits, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

9 – Place your light sources at the wrong height

Yes for a suspension in your toilet if you are a follower, but remember to install it high enough. A bit like the mirrors in your bathroom, to obtain a pleasant light, you just need to position your light sources at face level. It is best to avoid intense light from above. Make sure your bathroom has a soft glow at the right height.

10 – Do not light in the right place

Your toilets are well lit by pendant lights or recessed spots, but don’t they suffer from having more light projected on the floor than in the direction of the toilet itself, where it is most needed? Remember to position your light sources correctly to ensure that the area where you sit receives enough light.

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