Top 10 best cat insurance: the ranking!

Ensuring the health of your cat is a trend that is rightly on the rise in France: increase in veterinary costs, animals living longer and longer, owners’ gradual awareness of the need for care, etc.

Cat insurance is therefore booming, offers are diversifying and competition is fierce. It is not always easy to find your way around before subscribing, so we take stock so that you take out the best insurance for your feline with confidence!

What is good cat insurance?

This question deserves as many answers as there are varieties of cat. In reality, the right insurance is the one that best covers the known health needs of your companion.

Thus, an alley cat with solid health will not necessarily need a very high care formula. On the other hand, a purebred cat like the Maine Coon, subject to health problems, will have every interest in being well covered.

Very schematically and without going overboard, an intermediate formula is often interesting for a majority of cats, while a maximum formula is recommended for those with more fragile health.

Here are the types of guarantee formulas that are frequently found in the cat and kitten insurance market:

  • Essential formula: flexible membership conditions overall, a guarantee acquired only in the event of an accident for partial reimbursements (50% and more depending on the insurance companies)
  • Intermediate formula: membership conditions depending on the age of your cat, guarantees included for accident and illness and increased reimbursements (70% and more depending on the contracts)
  • Protective formula: strict membership conditions, guarantees covering accident, illness and consultations, high reimbursements (from 80% to 100%)

Many insurers add options to their contracts, such as the prevention package, home assistance or a capital for the death of your cat.

How to choose the best cat health insurance?

In order to present you with a relevant classification, we have taken into account certain criteria which seem to us fundamental to have a good cover for your mustached companions.

Here are the basics:

  • A good value for money with regard to the guarantees offered
  • Low or no waiting periods
  • Non-abusive warranty exclusions
  • Deductibles adapted so as not to leave a majority of the costs to the owner
  • Decent ceilings and especially in line with the moderately observed veterinary prices
  • Coverage acquired at an advanced age: if your cat is no longer covered from 10 years old, the insurance taken out loses its value
  • Customer reviews: the more positive they are, the more serene the relationship with the insurer and the more transparent the guarantees

Know that you must subscribe from the youngest age of your pet in order to benefit from the most attractive cat health insurance rates possible. You are also free to change insurer, but remember to make this change before terminating the old contract so that a period of interruption does not result in the insurer’s refusal.

Top 10 cat insurance of the year 2021

The 10 insurers we name here deserve your attention to their offers. There is no number 1 or number 10, but rather a suitable offer for your cat in the list. Some insurers will be more competitive on certain guarantee formulas than others. It is essential to clearly identify the needs of your cat or your kitten to choose a suitable formula and find the right budget balance.

1 – Carrefour Assurance

A basic formula at an unbeatable price from 5.42 euros per month to cover accidents, including transport costs, medical examinations and transport costs.

A balanced formula from 8.94 euros per month covering accident, illness, and a significant little extra for kittens, covering part of the sterilization costs.

We like: a basic formula that defies all competitors / We don’t like: a protective formula that is too expensive with regard to guarantees and competition.

2 – Self-insurance

An online insurer for your pets (cat, dog and NAC) from 9 euros per month. Three options to choose from at attractive prices and high customer satisfaction, a guarantee of quality.

We like: 3 months free the 2e year for “full” or “premium” formulas + insurable cat until the age of 10.

3 – Otherwise

Another online insurer, with a simple subscription, access to a personal space and a dedicated telephone number. Four guarantee formulas to choose from for all cats and all budgets.

We like: clear offers and a fundraising system allowing reimbursements in the event of overpayment on the insured community the following year.

4 – SantéVet

“Hairy” formulas since you can choose from 6 levels of guarantee, including one specially dedicated to indoor cats. Here, no distinction between accident and illness, it is an all-risk insurance with only the reimbursement levels differ.

We like: a prevention package in each formula / We don’t like: waiting periods for each guarantee.

5 – Axa

Three guarantee formulas offered for cats, ranging from fifteen to thirty euros. No increase depending on the breed of the cat to be insured and a prevention package for each formula.

We like: a reduced contribution for a yearly payment, a reduction for several insured cats / We don’t like: the essential formula with the price too high.

6 – Groupama

Fair and balanced prices for 3 formulas at 9.90 euros, 16.90 euros and 29.90 euros per month. No price distinction between a 6-month-old kitten or a 6-year-old adult cat.

We like: the essential formula accessible without age limit / We don’t like: the superior formulas with doubled deductibles after your cat turns 10

7 – April

As usual, the insurer offers solid guarantees and only offers all-risk guarantees with reimbursements ranging from 50% to 100% of the costs actually incurred.

We like: low waiting periods / We don’t like: generally high prices.

8 – Solly Azar

Four options to choose from and the promise of rapid reimbursements via a 100% online space within 48 hours maximum.

We don’t like: the lack of transparency as to the content of guarantees.

9 – Blue Bubble

All-risk formulas where only the deductible levels differ.

We like: the clarity of the offers / We don’t like: the absence of 100% reimbursement and the application fees for membership.

10 – GMF

GMF offers cat insurance with comprehensive guarantees at an affordable price.

We like: a top-notch assistance package in the event of loss of your animal / We don’t like: the annual reimbursement ceiling too low.

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