Top 10 cat breeds suitable for apartment living

Apartment life is suitable for most cats, who easily get used to a cozy home with no access to the outdoors. However, there are breeds more predisposed than others to appreciate the warmth of living within four walls. Calm and cuddly, they will know more than others how to flourish in an apartment with their master. We have drawn up the top 10 cats to have in an apartment!

1 – The Persian

The Persian is the ultimate indoor cat! And that’s good, because with his long hairs that will have to be brushed regularly, we will prefer to see him live in an apartment. Naturally calm and affectionate, he does not ask for a lot of exercise and much prefers the presence of his master, despite his momentary “madness” during which he can be playful.

In short, if you want a cat that looks like a plush, but requires attention and a lot of love, the Persian will be ideal to share your apartment and give you back the sweetness that you will bring him. On the program, purrs and cuddles will be on the menu, making it one of the favorite cats of the French.

2 – The British Shorthair

Naturally calm and balanced, the British Shorthair represents a breed of cat both ideal for indoor life and for family life. Sociable, patient and affectionate, he greatly appreciates the presence of the inhabitants of the apartment, which is more important to him than access to the outside.

It is without hesitation a friendly cat that will suit all members of the household, but you must however be careful not to leave it alone too long, offer it daily companionship and hugs, and invest in a cat tree and some toys to make her happy.

3 – The Munchkin

The unusual physique of the Munchkin cat, short on legs and with a small build, naturally makes him an ideal cat for apartment living. He will adapt to it very well, as long as he puts at his disposal enough distractions to occupy his too full of energy, especially in your absence. Indeed, it is a lively and playful cat who likes to climb and run.

However, the Munchkin is not endowed with the same attributes as the majority of the other races, it is vulnerable if it goes out, in particular because it does not benefit from the same agility during the jumps, which it will be less high than. its congeners. Even if it appreciates the outdoors, it is better to keep it in an apartment or indoors, unless you have secure access to a courtyard or a garden for example.

4 – The Sphynx

The Sphynx cat, sometimes wrongly called a “hairless cat” has only a light, extremely short down. This virtual absence of hair makes it a totally unsuitable cat outdoors, where it would be far too cold to live happily in good health conditions. Thus, it is more than any cat recommended as a companion in our apartments and interiors.

Very sociable and calm, he appreciates your presence and your warmth. However, it needs relatively large living rooms to be able to flourish and have a dedicated space with toys and a cat tree. He also appreciates other cats, dogs and children. Do not be reluctant to welcome him to your home!

5 – Russian Blue

Russian Blue, like its elegance, likes cozy and refined environments. Appreciating calm, tranquility and silence, he will adapt wonderfully to living in an apartment, preferably within a home made up entirely of adults. Discreet but charming, he will be delighted to lie down beside you on the sofa, when he does not prefer independence by a radiator or a fireplace.

Although relatively placid, he is nonetheless curious and playful, so do not hesitate to set up a playground for him with hiding places and tunnels so that he can take it easy, and benefit from a refuge. during times of stress. Yes, Russian Blue is a pasha cat!

6 – The Sacred of Burma

The Sacred Cat of Burma, in addition to being among the most beautiful cat breeds with an absolutely crunchy face, is also very affectionate and of a rather calm nature. As a result, apartment life suits him, especially since he likes to keep a little independence.

Sociable, he is suitable for families with children and will love the company of another cat, or even a dog. On the other hand, he remains very attached to his master and to social life, consider offering him something to entertain himself in your absence, and do not hesitate to give him all your affection during your presence.

7 – The Ragdoll

Here is a breed of cat still little known in France, but its certain elegance combined with its tranquility make it the ideal indoor cat. Under his silky hair and his beautiful blue eyes hides a real ball of love that much prefers the warmth of a cozy home to that of a somewhat reassuring exterior.

Native to California and highly regarded in the United States, the Ragdoll makes a welcome entry into our homes as an indoor cat requiring regular brushing and overflowing with kindness. He willingly lets himself be caressed and enjoys the company: masters, little boisterous children but also dogs and cats of all breeds!

8 – The Carthusian

The Chartreux, often called a “cat dog” because of its attachment to its master, adapts easily and represents an easy-going feline breed. Thus, whether he lives in a house with a garden or in an apartment without access to the outside, he will be able to adapt to his living conditions if he receives affection.

Be careful though to prefer a Carthusian adopted baby or who has never had access to the outside. Indeed, his home-like nature hides a desire for freedom and if he is used to the outdoors, he will want to return. Note, however, that he never goes far and is very loyal to his human family.

9 – The Maine Coon

Just like the Chartreux, the Maine Coon knows how to live in an apartment. However, this large cat appreciates an access to the outside and is perhaps to be preferred for those who live on the ground floor with a courtyard or a small garden. In any case, it is better to favor a Maine Coon who has never known the open sea so that he easily acclimates to his new environment.

This large, affectionate and curious cat will nevertheless need regular sporting activity. If you have a spacious apartment and enough to create a place where it can work out, it will be grateful to you. Finally, it is desirable that you be present for him for a good part of the day. Indeed, the Maine Coon is a very sociable cat who does not appreciate solitude.

10 – the alley cat

While it is certainly not a purebred cat, the alley cat or common cat largely deserves to be included in the top 10 apartment cats. Used from an early age not to go out, your kitten will become a perfect indoor cat, playful and good company.

Adopted as an adult through a shelter or an association, its characteristics will be sufficiently known to know if it needs a garden or if it is not necessary. There are so many cats to adopt, don’t hesitate to think of our good old alley cat, you will make a happy mustached!