Top 10 cities where it is the most profitable to invest in a parking lot

While we spend, on average, 1/2 hour per week looking for a place to park (or even a lot, a lot more in Paris!) And that surface parking spaces are disappearing, parking spaces underground parking lots are attracting more and more investors. We have also noted an increase in demand for parking on SeLoger over the past 6 months (x1.6). A low entry ticket, flexible rental management and good profitability… Buying a parking space is advantageous in more ways than one!

But precisely where does this investment turn out to be the most profitable?

In Strasbourg, net rental profitability reached 8.1%

According to the figures we have collected, it is in the Bas-Rhin prefecture that investing in a parking space makes it possible to benefit from the best net profitability, that is to say taking into account the costs related to the maintenance of the property as well as its taxation. Judge, by investing in what is nicknamed the Capital of Europe, you can expect 8.1% of net profitability, on average. The silver medal for the cities with the best profitability for their parking spaces is awarded to Saint-Étienne, with an average rate of 5.7%. As for the bronze medal, it is in Nîmes that it returns. Net profitability there is around 4.9%.

Parking space: from 4% net profitability in Paris to 4.8% in Grenoble

Out of the top three, other French metropolises offer attractive returns for anyone who decides to invest in a parking space or a box. AT Grenoble, the rate of return – net – for a car park reaches 4.8%, as in Montreuil. Our survey shows that a well-informed investor will also have every interest in reviewing the advertisements of parking spaces for sale in Toulon (4.6% of net rental profitability), in Montpellier (4.5%), in Marseille ( 4.4%), Villeurbanne (4.3%), Nancy (4.3%), Aix-en-Provence (4.2%) and Paris (4%). While the aforementioned cities offer great investment opportunities and display high rates of net profitability, it is important to stress that the risk of rental vacancies should not be neglected. Indeed, if your car park is not rented, the profitability so hoped for will be reduced.

These cities where it is urgent to invest in a parking space

Source: SeLoger