Top 10 favorite dog breeds of the French

Whether it is out of simple curiosity, to help you choose your future dog or to make a choice that sets you apart from the rest, you would like to know which dog breeds are most frequently present in French households? Our top 10 favorite dog breeds of the French will give you the information you are looking for.

1- The favorite of all: the Australian Shepherd

It is quite normal for the Australian Shepherd to be at the top of the top 10: this dog really has it all: agility, intelligence, affection. But it must be taken care of! No question of letting him be bored otherwise, he will be very unhappy. To fully live his life as a dog, he needs activity. It flourishes fundamentally in the work. As its name suggests, it is very well suited to the management of a herd of animals which mobilizes both its intelligence and its physical energy. It is therefore the families who move that will suit him the most, punctuating the days with outdoor games or long walks in nature. It can even live outside on condition that it provides shelter to face difficult climatic conditions: it is a robust dog.

2- The Belgian Shepherd dog

Like the Australian Shepherd, the Belgian Shepherd dog is a rustic dog: built for life in the open air, it resists difficult climatic conditions. His temperament is very balanced, never showing aggression or fear of any kind. This is reflected in her general appearance: her body is imbued with elegance and pride. We feel that it is a dog on which we can count, as soon as his education is done. He is also a hardworking dog. The profession of shepherd being less widespread, it is found alongside guards, rescuers and police. He is full of vitality and his owner may find him a bit nervous if he is not himself full of energy and able to stimulate his dog. The Belgian Shepherd Dog is very devoted to his master, which can cause a bit of aggression towards malicious strangers. They are hypersensitive dogs, who cannot stand brutality: their education must be carried out with great skill, gentleness and patience.

3- The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier belongs to the large terrier family. He is a medium sized dog. Compact, this makes him a powerful dog, but also agile. These qualities were unfortunately exploited throughout the 19th century in fights in which these dogs faced bulls, bears or donkeys. Today, his upbringing aims to frame his tough and fearless sides. And its power should not be overlooked: if it reacts to a danger or an attack, the wounds it can inflict are serious. But his popularity shows that he can quite fit into the life of a family, and that, properly educated, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a dog that is deeply devoted to its owner, affectionate and playful.

4- The Golden Retriever

Family dog ​​par excellence, the Golden Retriever seduces with its versatility, sociability, calm and gentleness. It is a dog with an extremely balanced temperament, appreciating the work. He is therefore not one of those dogs that can be abandoned for long days. He is known to be a very good swimmer. Associated with intelligence and an undeniable gift for contact with humans, he is perfect as a rescue dog. The selection of a good breeding is essential because it is the guarantee that the qualities of the breed are preserved.

5- The German Shepherd

Although the German Shepherd can get used to city life, this dog will thrive more in the countryside. In the breed standard, he has a very balanced and self-confident temperament. He must show courage and have the instinct for combat. Other qualities complete the portrait of dogs of this breed: loyalty, intelligence and resourcefulness. It is the possession of all these characteristics that make it a dog suitable for guarding, protecting and working on herds of animals.

6- The American Staffordshire Terrier

A powerful dog, the result of a cross between bulldog and terrier breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier is independent and stubborn. His background of aggression is real and his education must be serious to appease him. In France, he is also recognized as a dog classified as dangerous by the law of January 6, 1999, which makes his detention conditional. Fortunately, he is very receptive to training. When he is well educated, this dog is gentle, tender and affectionate with his master, especially since he is very intelligent. Filled with boundless energy, he must be given his exercise account. This is why it is possible to make him an accomplished athlete who achieves feats in Agility, but also in endurance in cani-cross or tracking.

7- The Labrador Retriever

Calm and robust, the Labrador Retriever is another dog whose calm and composed demeanor inspires great confidence. It is astonishing that his exceptional character does not place him higher in the top 10. Handsome, resistant, gentle, attentive, dedicated, intelligent, loyal, patient, agile, easy-going, cuddly, endowed with an excellent visual memory, water loving… what more could a dog ask for? Very suitable for swamp hunting, it is found in assistance to the visually and physically disabled, alongside rescuers in the rubble, or customs officers to search for drugs.

8- The Cavalier King Charles

With the Cavalier King Charles, another universe opens up to us. Belonging to the large family of spaniels, it is above all a companion dog. As a result, he shows a good adaptation to the life of his master. Depending on the context, he can be calm and calm as well as athletic and playful. In any case, he needs company and should not be left alone for long. Overall obedient, however, he lacks concentration. Firmness is mandatory, otherwise the teacher may find himself overwhelmed by his behavior; this dog knows how to be insistent and take advantage of its ability to soften the first tender heart.

9- The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, we like it or we don’t! Small dog with a collected pace, he is surprisingly courageous, which makes him a good guardian. The most attractive about him is undoubtedly the tenderness he can feel for his master, tenderness which must however be contained at the risk of finding himself dominated by this little dog. A gentle education will succeed in making a good companion.

10- The English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel makes a very good companion dog, which asks only to obey its master. It adapts very well to the latter’s life, and lives both indoors and outdoors. But long walks are essential to allow him to spend all his energy. It is a dog full of life, very playful, with a strong personality: a good education is therefore also essential.

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