Top 10 of the most adopted NACs in France

The “New Pets” (NAC) are a large group of animals that can live alongside us on a daily basis, except for conventional pets. The list of NACs is defined by the ministerial decree of August 11, 2006. They are rodents, primates, lizards, insects, crustaceans, molluscs, amphibians, gallinaceans, fish, etc. . The list is long ! In France, the population of NACs is estimated at around 5 million. 3.5 million are small mammals. What are the 10 most adopted NACs in France?

1 – The hamster

It is probably the most popular NAC with families. Especially since a hamster like the Roborovski costs less than ten euros. However, it is not necessarily the most suitable small mammal to meet young children. The first reason is that their life mostly takes place at night. They are also fragile animals that can quickly suffer from the clumsy handling of small humans. Finally, the hamster does not particularly seek caresses and is not one of the most cuddly animals.

2 – the guinea pig

It is important to carefully select the person from whom you are purchasing your pet. A breeding with a lucrative vocation must imperatively hold a certificate of competence delivered by the veterinary services.

A good guinea pig breeder knows the animal’s lineage spanning several generations and he does not subject his females to a reproductive rate that could threaten his health. In addition, his breeding is medium in size, in order to monitor his animals and ensure their health.

These elements are of course valid whatever animal you wish to welcome into your home. The cost of the animal may be a few euros higher in breeding, but it is an expense that encourages good practices and animal respect.

3 – The mouse

Since January 2015, NACs have been recognized by law as living beings endowed with sensitivity. These are special animals that have specific needs that should be known before choosing to welcome one into your home.

The mouse is a sought-after animal for its intelligence because it is possible to teach it tricks, as magicians do. It is quite easy to take care of her and form an interesting relationship with her. Its price is between 2 and 10 euros for an annual maintenance amounting to about 225 euros.

4 – The rat

Rats live between 2 and 3 years. Its purchase price is around 15 euros and the cost of its annual maintenance is around 300 euros. They are gregarious animals and it is advisable to accommodate at least two rats.

It is important to train them quickly. This makes it possible to stimulate their great intelligence on the one hand, and to forge a special relationship with them on the other hand. Maintaining good hygiene in your pets’ cages is essential, not only because bad odors can quickly invade your home, but also because caged animals need assistance in disposing of their droppings.

Before acquiring a NAC, it is important to learn about the daily reality in order to properly assess the time you will have to devote to your animals, whether for their maintenance or for them. stimulate.

5 – The chinchilla

Small mammals, of which the chinchilla is a part, are often bought by parents for their children because they allow them to give in to their demand for a pet at a lower price than a cat or a dog. Chinchillas are particularly famous for the softness of their fur. It takes between 30 and 300 euros to acquire one, about 200 euros for the cage and accessories and about twenty euros per month for food and litter. The chinchilla has a fairly long lifespan of 10 years, achieved if the animal is raised in good conditions. Warning: despite its small size, this animal needs a lot of space to thrive.

6 – The octodon

A captive degus can expect to live between 6 and 8 years if it is properly maintained and if its environment meets its needs. It is an animal that requires a calm and peaceful environment. It particularly suffers from the projections that humans can make on their animals. Some owners, for example, forget to observe the diet food of their mate by projecting their own craving for sugar. However, the first disease of a degus is often diabetes, whereas, like the chinchilla, the octodon is a strict herbivore.

Its coat is the first indicator of its health: it must be beautiful and shiny, and unstained. A degus costs between 10 and 60 euros to buy, for an annual maintenance of around 150 euros.

7 – The gerbil

The gerbil is very economical: it costs only ten euros to purchase and a maximum of 50 euros for annual maintenance. And this is preferable because this gregarious animal needs to live in group. It is therefore necessarily several gerbils that you will welcome under your roof.

Well maintained, their longevity can reach 5 years. As small as this animal is, it is essential to provide it with a large space, a deep and good quality litter as well as hiding places that will allow them to get out of sight.

8 – The ferret

The acquisition of a ferret is not trivial and will profoundly transform your daily life. It is an animal full of energy that you will not be able to confine in its cage. It is essential to leave it out for several hours. If it can be trained, it will always be necessary to keep an eye on it, organize your interior to ensure its safety and be constantly attentive not to crush it because it loves to hide in unlikely places.

It is undoubtedly a companion who requires a lot ofWarning and you have to be really ready to give it to him. A ferret can live between 5 and 10 years. The price range for a ferret is wide, depending on its characteristics and whether it has already been vaccinated, sterilized and dewormed or not. Prices are higher in animal stores, which obtain supplies from farms that are often less concerned with animal welfare. So you might as well contact a quality breeder who can give you good advice on education and maintenance.

9 – The hen

The hen is one of the very trendy NACs: what a pleasure to collect eggs from the henhouse every day! Some parents also see it as an opportunity for beautiful object lessons for their children. Some breeds of chickens are even particularly affectionate, which makes them real pets.

10 – Koi carp

When we talk about NAC, we could easily forget about fish, even though they are an important category. There are all kinds of exotic fish, freshwater and saltwater, but the koi carp comes in a good position. It is a beautiful ornamental fish sought after to inhabit large outdoor pools. It goes through cold periods without problem since it can hibernate. Its average longevity oscillates between 18 and 25 years. Its price generally varies between 50 and 1000 euros.

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