Topo-Chico, the new alcoholic soda from Coca-Cola

The American group Coca-Cola has decided to launch an alcoholic soda, Topo-Chico. The drink will be marketed in France from April 2021.

Topo-Chico: an alcoholic soda

The alcoholic soda or hard seltzer market has experienced strong growth in recent years. In three years, the latter has been 500% in the United States and French turnover in this sector exceeds 100 million euros. Thus, to increase its market share in France, Coca-Cola will be marketing there from April 2021, its new alcoholic soda, Topo-Chico.

This new initiative aims to revive the sales of the American firm which suffers from the zero sugar trend. Thus, she hopes that consumers who abandon her traditional sodas will turn to her flavored and alcoholic waters.

The trendy hard seltzer market

In its press release Coca-Cola describes its new drink marketed through its Mexican brand Topo-Chico, as being ” from bold blend of alcohol and sparkling water and with a touch of natural flavors “. Thus, the group will market three flavors to French consumers: cherry / acai, lemon / lime and mango / tropical. The advantage of these hard seltzers is that they are less caloric than sodas, Topo-Chico contains 4.7 degrees of alcohol and 96 calories for 33cl.

The only obstacle to the expansion of this new sector is the difficulty of advertising it. Indeed, many countries restrict or ban the advertising of products containing alcohol. This is Evin law which governs advertising in France and it prohibits the advertising of alcoholic beverages on television in particular. It is this legislation that has allowed a strong expansion of sales of alcohol-free beers, since unlike traditional beers, they have been the subject of a more massive advertising campaign.