Treating your cat with an antiparasitic for dogs is dangerous or even fatal

Be careful if you have a cat, do not apply dog ​​pest control. This could make him seriously ill or even kill him. Explanations.

Neurological and digestive disorders in cats

The beautiful days are back, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes too! In a notice published on May 5, 2021, ANSES calls on animal owners to exercise caution. What is suitable for a dog is not suitable for a cat.

Permethrin external antiparasitics intended for dogs can cause serious effects in cats, in particular neurological disorders (tremors, convulsions, ataxia, agitation, coma) sometimes associated with digestive disorders, which can be fatal, due to the inability of the cat to eliminate the compound from its body », Details ANSES.

What if my cat has been in contact with dog pest control?

Only a few drops of the product can make a cat seriously ill, so you have to be very careful. From January 2019 to December 2020, ANSES recorded 179 reports of adverse reactions in cats after administration of permethrin-based treatments intended for dogs. Of the felids, 67 were found to be in serious condition and five cats died.

If your cat is exposed to a dog pest control either because you made a mistake or because it came into contact with a dog that has just been treated, wash it with lukewarm water and soap or dish soap. Also call your veterinarian for advice.