Trump and Biden fought for the last time before the 2020 US election

The advisers want US President Donald Trump to show a clear vision of the country while Joe Biden’s team is preparing to “play bad”.

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have a dramatic debate during their September 29 meeting.

Three weeks after the fierce and dramatic debate on the evening of September 29, Joe Biden and Donald Trump reunited for the second time at Belmont University’s Curb Event Center, Tennessee at 9:00 pm October 22 (US time). This is the last debate before the US entered the presidential election on November 3. For Trump, this is the last key opportunity to change the race trajectory ahead of the presidential election day in 2020.

Republicans want Trump to offer a clear vision for the United States and devise policies that contradict his rival Biden in some way to pick up more votes from prominent voters. The incumbent White House “boss”, with a history of undisciplined and violent habits, has been struggling to face a “calm” Biden because time does not favor Trump.

The last debate took place 12 days before election day, in which many Americans voted and recent polls show that the President is campaigning across the country, but face the face of. Cross-race in states that Trump once won over Hillary Clinton four years ago.

The advisers hope that President Trump can overwhelm Biden in this debate, but they urge Mr. Trump not to interrupt his rival Biden repeatedly. Before that, the first debate is beyond the operator’s control when Trump constantly overwhelmed that Biden had to ask “the boss” “White House” to shut up.

Before the second debate, President Trump was intent on attacking Hunter, his son Biden, and Hunter’s business dealings. However, some advisers fear Mr. Trump is out of control and target Hunter as the first argument as Trump mocked Hunter’s history of fighting drugs.

“To have a successful debate, President Trump must keep attacking but not,” said Brett O’Donnell, a Republican strategist who coached candidates in the debates. offend the opponent “. “The American people care more about their families than the Hunter Biden family, especially during the epidemic.”

Mr. Trump has spent days attacking the Presidential Debate Committee, the unit responsible for organizing election events. For his part, Mr. Biden has been trying to defend his advantage based on arguments that have made his point of view over the past several months. Biden identifies himself as the best-equipped candidate to lift America out of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic collapse and that can bring stability and courtesy to the White House after a full term. Trump’s turbulent.

However, Biden and his team are preparing for the “bad game”. Some allies hope that Biden, who has been fiercely protective of his children, avoids showing such anger that he is confused by Trump’s attitude.

Biden might also be pressured about some of the problems he has tried to solve in the past. In particular, Biden’s supporters argue that he will face the question of expanding majority in the Supreme Court, an issue he has repeatedly dodged but pledged to make his point clear. before the 3/11 election day.

“He (Biden) will be questioned about the Supreme Court and Trump will try to ask him about Hunter because Trump knows that family is what makes Biden the hottest thing,” said John Morgan, a Biden election sponsor. guess.

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