Trump – Biden entered the first direct fight

At exactly 08:05 (Vietnam time), the first direct “competition” between the two candidates for US presidential election began at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland City, Ohio.

The debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden “fierce” at the moment when the two sides repeatedly rob each other.

09/30/2020 08:05 Executive Chris Wallace, political news MC from Fox News Radio begins with a greeting and outlines the principles of debate. Debate will last for 90 minutes. Wallace goes straight to the first question with Mr. Trump.

09/30/2020 08:00, Republican candidate, incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden entered the “stands” with a greeting. There is no handshake between the two candidates. The two candidates stand apart in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic still raging in the US.

According to the US Presidential Debate Committee, the six topics Wallace chooses for his first debate are the merits of each candidate, the Supreme Court, economics, the COVID-19 pandemic, race issues and violence power in cities, and electoral integrity. Candidates have an average of 15 minutes to debate each topic.

The number of people who attend the audience in person is only about 80-90, all of which are tested for COVID-19, according to the US Presidential Dispute Commission (CPD).

09/30/2020 07:55: President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivana Marie Trump, enters the audience area with a mask.

The second debate between the two candidates is expected to take place on October 15 in the city. Miami, Florida under the direction of political editor at channel C-SPAN, while the third debate between the two candidates will take place on October 22 in the city. Nashville, Tennessee, with the guidance of Kristen Welker from NBC News.

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