Trump’s net worth fell $ 600 million due to translation COVID-19

Trump is still on the magazine’s new list of 400 richest Americans, but the head of the White House has dropped from 64 places to 339.

Forbes attributed this to the epidemic of acute respiratory infections COVID-19 impacting the industries in which he holds the largest wealth.

The value of Mr. Trump’s office buildings plummeted, alongside hotels owned by the billionaire family in major cities.

According to Forbes report, President Trump has seen a major drop in New York real estate this year. He owns a 30% stake in office and retail ownership at 1290 Avenue of the America, with a net worth of $ 342 million. The value of the property fell by $ 109 million last year.

Other New York properties owned by Mr. Trump also plummeted, including Trump Tower, which is down $ 70 million, has a net worth of $ 167 million, and real estate at 40 Wall Street is down $ 65 million. , has a net worth of $ 262 million.

Overall, Mr. Trump’s New York property is estimated to have declined by about $ 326 million. Of the nine billionaire’s properties in New York, only one rose in price. Trump World Tower, with a net worth of $ 27 million, is $ 2 million more than last year.

Five properties outside of New York are estimated to fall by about $ 124 million, including Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC Most of Mr. Trump’s golf courses and clubs are estimated to have depreciated by around $ 137 million, too, with mostly comes from a $ 114 million drop at the Trump National Doral Miami. Meanwhile, the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida raised $ 10 million in 2019.

Trump’s hotel management and licensing businesses also dropped $ 24 million and his personal wealth, including an apartment in Trump Tower, 2 planes, 3 helicopters, and a house in St. Petersburg Martin has reduced the total value of 18 million USD.

However, Mr. Trump’s three homes in Palm Beach have increased in value by $ 4 million.

The list and Forbes reports on President Trump’s net worth come as the re-election campaign aims to promote a strong economy. Members of the Democrats have long criticized Mr. Trump for the economy, attributed him to corporate interests and America’s richest people, and argued that he is not fighting for the interests of the working class. moving.

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