Twitter: ban sanction for recurrences of fake news on vaccines

The social network Twitter continues its hunt for fake news and has announced that it will ban any recurrent account for the fifth time by publishing disinformation on vaccines.

New Twitter sanction, ban after five warnings

The social network platform Twitter has decided to step up its fight against disinformation a little further. The blue bird network announced Monday, March 1, its intention to consolidate its arsenal of sanctions against fake news on vaccines. Thus, after five warnings on the subject, the offending account will be banned from the platform.

In a press release, the social network explained its approach, believing that ” We believe this warning system will help educate the public on our rules. and to better reduce the spread of potentially dangerous or misleading information on Twitter, in particular for repeated, moderate or serious infringements “.

As early as December 2020, Twitter began its campaign against vaccine misinformation asking some 11.5 million accounts to delete tweets deemed to be spreading fake news.

A progressive blocking until banishment

Twitter’s new system to fight against disinformation involves a gradual blocking of the offending account until the latter is completely banned. So, after two warnings, the account is blocked for a period of twelve hours, then after four warnings, the latter goes to seven days before becoming final when the fifth warning is issued.

Tweets considered to be in violation of Twitter regulations will be preceded by a warning message ” that may contain misleading information about Covid-19 vaccines “. This new system is inspired by that applied during the American presidential elections. and which resulted in the permanent banishment of former President Donald Trump.