Twitter launches Twitter blue: a paid subscription service

Possibility of modifying tweets, simplifying threads, organizing saved tweets… What does the new paid service “Twitter blue” allow and to whom is it addressed?

Who is Twitter blue for?

Twitter’s new paid offer will see the light of day in Australia and Canada, before likely global expansion. The subscription will be marketed at 3.49 Canadian dollars and 4.49 Australian dollars per month, or about 2.50 euros. This low price is explained by the fact that Twitter does not want to become a paid platform, but to allow professionals and users who use the social network intensively.

New services could simplify their lives: “Those who use Twitter a lot, really a lot, have told us that we don’t always create powerful features that meet their needs. It’s about to change ”, the company wrote in a blog post. “We’ve taken these comments to heart, and are in the process of developing a solution that will give frequent Twitter users the most they are looking for: access to exclusive features and perks that will take their Twitter experience to the next level. “

What are the new features?

The subscription will give access to three new features:

Sort your favorite tweets (the ” Bookmarks “) In files in order to find them easily
Transform the “threads (this long series of tweets linked to each other, which allows you to free yourself from the limit of 280 characters to tell a story or publish an analysis) in a single text and elegantly laid out
Cancel sending a tweet. Subscribers will be able to preview their messages for 30 seconds and correct them before they are published.

Twitter also wants to launch paid voice lounges, the “Ticketed Spaces”, in response to Club House, the social network launched in April 2020. The organizers of “Spaces”, these oral discussion rooms, may require an entrance fee to access some of their conferences. Twitter will take 20% from ticket sales.