Two destinations in Spain among the best in the world in 2021, according to The New York Times

Every end of the year, or every beginning, lists of the favorite media destinations or those that will be in fashion in the coming months. It is like this every year, even in a time as strange and indecipherable as the one we live in. Lonely Planet bet weeks ago on the 30 best travel experiences for 2021. And the Financial Times included a medieval Spanish city among its 2020 discoveries. Now it is the turn of The New York Times. Its list of the 52 destinations of the year is one of the most anticipated and commented on by travelers.

This time, the journalists of the newspaper have slightly changed the approach, and do not expressly invite you to travel. They prefer to headline their report as places to love in 2021. They long ago asked their readers to recommend the places that had delighted, inspired, and comforted them in such a dark year. They received 2,000 suggestions, and from there they have stayed with the 52 destinations of 2021, including two Spaniards.

In fact, the list for 2021 includes two Spanish proposals: the Camino de Santiago and Córdoba. Regarding the Camino, there is little more to add to this data: 2021 is the Holy Year, although the celebration will last until 2022 given the circumstances. As is known, the Santo Jacobean year is celebrated when July 25 falls on a Sunday. The last was in 2010, and the next will be in 2027.

The second Spanish recommendation is Córdoba. “You can touch history in this ancient city,” we read in the title. And then, in the text, Fernando Moreno Reyes, the author of the recommendation, adds: «There is a magical coexistence of Arab, Jewish and Christian culture in Córdoba, and the city has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other. Tourists go to Barcelona or Seville to see flamenco. People do not know the history of Córdoba. For me, the city is a dream come true.

In last year’s list, the newspaper’s editors chose three Spanish destinations: Asturias (the region from where the reconquest of Spain began, they explain to their readers), Menorca, and the Aran Valley.

In 2019, the Spanish option included in the list was Cádiz.

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