Uber formalizes its complete exit from diesel by 2040

The Uber platform has announced its intention to end diesel. Thus, it plans a fully electric global fleet by 2040. In France, the target is more ambitious, 50% electric vehicles by 2025.

Uber is counting on an ambitious target of 100% electric by 2040 … In a post published Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the CEO of the group Dara Khosrowshahi announced the new ambitions of the Uber platform “The group is committed to becoming a fully zero-emissions platform by 2040”.

It should therefore be understood that the group aims to switch its entire fleet to electric. The target is even tighter for areas in North America and Europe. Uber wants shopping in these areas to be 100% electric by 2030.

In France, the plan should quickly get underway. A complex schedule which provides for the banning of all diesel cars from its French fleet by 2024 and to have at least 50% of electric vehicles by 2025.

Laureline Serieys, managing director of Uber France, recognizes that the bet is daring: “Today, 17% of our vehicles are hybrid or electric, with a large majority of hybrids.” … But who agrees with anti-diesel laws that flourish If the objective put forward by Uber is purely ecological, we must not forget that the laws are evolving and that diesel is banned in many cities. Thus, the French target of zero diesel cars in its fleet in 2024 coincides with the ban on diesel vehicles by the city of Paris in 2024, followed shortly by the ban on gasoline vehicles in 2030.

If Uber is accelerating the movement, not only out of ecological conviction, but also out of interest. The large metropolises which ban diesel vehicles one by one are also the places where races are concentrated. The Icirc region; le-de-France thus captures 70% of the French market. However, electric vehicles are expensive. To help its drivers make the transition to electric, Uber has set up an envelope of $ 800 million worldwide, including € 75 million for France. In addition to this aid, the platform has embarked on a series of partnerships with car manufacturers such as Nissan and Renault to obtain prices for its drivers.

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