UK suspends testing of the ‘most potential’ COVID-19 vaccine

He suspends testing of the most potential COVID-19 vaccine - Photo 1.

Logo of the British – Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in the northwest of England – Photo: AFP

Vaccine AZD1222, developed by AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company with Oxford University, is considered one of the most potential vaccines to prevent COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus.

“As part of a global randomized controlled trial of the AZD1222 vaccine, we have initiated the standardization process and we voluntarily suspend the trial. An assessment of the safety data of this vaccine has been made “- AstraZeneca spokesman announced September 8.

This is a decision that is consistent with the general rule of all trials, this person asserts, when the cases of participants suddenly having an unexplained illness have arisen. Therefore, the assessment of the safety of the AZD1222 vaccine is necessary and AstraZeneca will continue to preserve the vaccine trial results so far.

An AstraZeneca spokesperson also added that in large trials disease situations will sometimes happen by accident but need to be reviewed independently.

A clinical trial suspension is not uncommon, but this is the first time this has happened in a COVID-19 vaccine trial.

AstraZeneca is one of nine companies currently entering phase 3 testing – the final stage – of potential COVID-19 vaccines. In the US, AstraZeneca has started testing on 30,000 volunteers as of August 31.

So far, AZD1222 has induce strong immune responses and does not cause significant safety concerns.

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