‘UK will grow without a Brexit trade deal’

Prime Minister Johnso stated that there are still many problems in the Brexit trade deal negotiation process, and stressed that the UK will grow without a deal.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Source: AP)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson December 21, announced that there are still many problems in the negotiation process commercial agreement Brexitand emphasized that the UK would grow without a deal.

At a press conference, when asked about the possibility of a trade deal, Prime Minister Johnson stated: “The stance has not changed: there are still many problems. The provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO) would be more satisfactory for the UK. We can certainly deal with any difficulty. It’s not that we don’t want a deal, but the WTO provisions will be perfectly satisfactory. “

“It is important for everyone to understand that the UK must have total control over its own legal system and that we must also be able to control its own fisheries.”

Meanwhile, France’s Minister in charge of European affairs Clement Beaune affirmed that the main barriers in the Brexit negotiations were still related to fishing rights and that British proposals so far were not accepted by Paris. take./.

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