Ultra fast charging station: what solution for the home?

In addition to being able to have a charging station at their home, the main wish of owners of electric vehicles is also to be able to recharge their car as quickly as possible to drive as long as possible in complete autonomy.

Ultra-fast charging stations, that is, those that offer a very high power (greater than 43 kW) make it possible to take advantage of these advantages. Given their characteristics and the existing constraints with regard to their installation in a private home, these ultra-fast charging stations are not yet accessible outside the charging areas made available on the public domain. However, the current strong development of electric vehicles and the technical progress at work in this area will, in the more or less near future, allow individuals to offer this type of high-performance charging station to individuals.

What is an ultra-fast charging station for the home?

Charging stations, also called wallboxes, the most used by owners of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, represent much more efficient charging systems than if you plug your car into a simple electrical outlet at your home. Charging stations ensure maximum security for the home’s electrical network and, above all, they allow you to recharge your electric vehicle in a short time.

The time needed to recharge your vehicle depends on the power of its charging station, which must also be adapted to the capacities of the battery of your electric car. Wallboxes are mainly offered on the market in 3 powers: 7, 11 and 22 kW. We are talking here, for the most powerful of them in particular, of fast charging stations.

But there are also so-called “ultra-fast” charging stations. These charging systems have the particularity of offering a power greater than 43 kW, a power which can go far beyond for certain models. These charging stations are roughly equivalent, in terms of high performance, as the charging points accessible to the general public or to professionals that can be found, for example, in the public domain. Their charging time is very fast: of the order of 30 minutes (sometimes only a few minutes) when the fast charging stations require around 3 hours for some.

Ultra-fast charging stations are perfect, given their performance, for the autonomy needs of drivers who travel long distances.

Ultra-fast charging stations are intended for individuals whose electric vehicle must meet certain conditions. Indeed, the vehicle, and more precisely its battery, must be adapted to be able to receive the high power of these ultra-fast charging points which allow a vehicle to be recharged in record time.

These ultra-fast charging stations, of 43 kW, 50 kW, or even up to 350 kW, deliver an alternating or direct current and for some of them require to equip their installation with specific fast charging sockets such as ‘a CHAdeMO socket, which allows direct current charging of the battery of electric vehicles fitted with it, or a combined charging system, the Combined Charging System (CCS), fitted with connectors called “Combo”.

Can you equip yourself with an ultra-fast charging station for your home?

Ultra-fast charging stations are most often available in areas dedicated to the charging of electric vehicles available to the general public on public roads, on major highways, in service stations, in shopping center car parks or public, in companies with a large fleet, etc. These high-performance charging systems indeed require significant civil engineering work and as regards their connection to the electricity network.

These constraints make it currently impossible for an individual to install an ultra-fast charging station in his home. In addition, current domestic electrical installations do not have the capacity to withstand such powers and deliver the type of current required.

However, owners of electric cars who wish to take advantage of minimal recharging time can turn to charging stations with a power that can still go up to 22 kw, if their car allows it, and which already represents fast power that is comfortable to use.

But, given current progress, it will also be possible in the near future for individuals to acquire ultra-fast charging stations. Indeed, due to the strong development of the electric vehicle market for several years, car manufacturers of this type of car (Renault, Volkswagen, Tesla, Hyundai, etc.) in particular are working on the deployment of ultra-fast charging stations that it will be possible to easily install in the homes of individuals.

Current and future technological innovations will undoubtedly make it easier than today to equip individuals wishing to install an ultra-fast charging station in their homes.