Ultrasonic whistle: to educate your dog: principle and efficiency

Imperceptible to the human ear, the sound is very acute emitted by the ultrasonic whistle is very well received by dogs, even when they are out of hearing range. This little accessory cheap constitutes a method effective to educate his fur ball. Function and purpose: all about the ultrasonic whistle.

Ultrasonic whistle for dogs: what is it?

Developed in 1856 by Sir Francis galton, the whistle was then intended to test the limits of human hearing. Animal hearing experiment led British scientist to conclude dogs hear sounds imperceptible for the man. The whistling of this small metallic object, audible for several kilometers, constitutes today a method of dressage used by many dog ​​training professionals. With good results, the ultrasonic whistle is very easy to use since it suffices to blow into it to produce a sound which only a dog will react.

How does the ultrasonic whistle work on the dog?

The human ear perceives frequencies between 20 Hz (lowest frequency) and 20,000 Hz (highest frequency). A dog hears up 40,000 Hz. The whistles emitted by ultrasonic whistles generally range from 12,000Hz to 58,000Hz, depending on the power of the product. The performance of canine hearing explains why the animal is able to detect sounds that are completely beyond human control. Some researchers correlate this hearing ability with nature primitive dogs who are thus able to distinguish high-pitched squeals from small preys that they once hunted for food.

What are the advantages of an ultrasonic whistle?

From assets ultrasonic whistle, we can cite:

  • Its effectiveness in all types of environments (forest, city, crowd);
  • His contribution to an education positive (the master does not have to shout to be obeyed);
  • Its format compact (it fits easily in a pocket or around the neck with a strap);
  • Its low cost (maximum € 15 for the most efficient models);

Does the ultrasonic whistle make different sounds?

Some models of ultrasonic whistle offer only one sound, either one note at high frequency. With a view to teaching the dog several commands, it is advisable to opt for a whistle allowing adjust tones. Part of the whistle body is unscrew in order to modulate the frequency which, once found, is locked (but it can be unlocked freely thereafter). To adjust it, a so-called “wake-up” test consists of whistling when the dog is sleeping. It is then necessary to adjust gradually frequency until the dog is awakened by the noise and then his ears twitch or turns his head in your direction.

When to use an ultrasonic dog whistle

The effectiveness of ultrasonic whistle opens various possibilities :

  • Learn the reminder. The range of whistling can reach more than 2 km depending on the power of the product. Always remember to reward your dog when he responds to the reminder. The advantage of the whistle is that it can bring the animal back even if it is far away or in a noisy environment;
  • Respond to various orders. Applied by dog ​​training professionals, the ultrasonic whistle method teaches commands by establishing a coded precise and constant. It is then up to the master to establish a mode of communication with his quadruped: short, prolonged, repetitive whistle… to express the different commands (sitting, lying down, not moving…). The assimilation time can be long but the results are very satisfactory;
  • Keep congeners away. Using positive reinforcement, your dog will associate the shrill sound of the whistle with a reward (treats or congratulations). For a congener not trained in the technique, the high frequency will be felt as a nuisance and will therefore create the opposite effect: the tone will stop it and move it away;

Is the ultrasonic whistle suitable for all dogs?

From 7 years old, our hairballs fall into the category senior and may gradually lose their hearing abilities. However, be aware that a hearing impaired dog is likely to react to the tone of an ultrasonic whistle. Depending on the frequency used, it can indeed hear the sound particularly strident of the object. Before you get an ultrasonic whistle, you can do a test at your veterinarian and thus observe the reactions of your companion.

Where to buy an ultrasonic dog whistle?

The trade offers a wide choice of ultrasonic whistles. You will find them in pet stores, in brands of hunt or on their website. The large generalist online sales platforms are also likely to offer this type of product. the price of an ultrasonic whistle varies from 6 to 15 € for professional use. In order to avoid disappointment with the results, it is not advisable to choose a model with first price.