Uncertainty hangs over the huge financial stakes of anti-Covid vaccines – teller report

The drug market

The sick are less numerous than the healthy. In addition, the treatments of the sick are generally of short duration, because if the drug is effective it cures the sick, and if it is not the client dies or changes drugs.

The market for drugs for healthy living is more promising than that of patients, especially if they are promised that the treatment well followed for life will ensure them good health. A typical example is that of anti-cholesterol treatments, which despite their unclear interest for the majority of those who take them (1) are still among the most prescribed in France. But here again the market concerns only part of the population, that exposed to the risk.

Vaccines constitute the ideal market since it concerns the entire population. And if an effective propaganda or a legal obligation intervenes, it is the assured jackpot, especially since it exempts in advance the firms from legal proceedings in the event of vaccine complications. Covid vaccines are the current example. But recent poor clinical results and multiple side effects may weaken the market.

The vaccine industry

The vaccine industry is very concentrated: 5 globalized companies account for 80% of sales: GSK (8.3 billion euros in 2019), Merck (7.3), Pfizer (6), Sanofi (5.8), CSL (1M)

This sector represents for these companies one of the most dynamic (2). Global vaccine sales have grown from $ 26 billion in 2011 to $ 32.3 billion in 2014 and their current annual growth of more than 10% could bring them to around $ 80 billion in 2025.

It is also one of the most profitable (3) (4) because vaccines are not open to competition giving the manufacturer complete freedom to set the price. Analysts say the profit margin is “between 10 and over 40 percent. But sometimes it reaches much more. The Gardasil vaccine is a good example. While advertisements tout its anti-cancer activity, it has never been shown in any trial and the number of cervical cancers has increased in vaccinated populations (5) (6). However, it benefits from a record price: nearly 400 euros for the 3 doses of a complete vaccination while the average price of other vaccines is between 20 and 40 euros. Together with anti-cancer drugs, it enabled Merck to return to profitability in the fourth quarter of 2018 (7), posting a net profit of $ 1.82 billion compared to a loss of 1.05 billion a year earlier.

A spokesperson for Merck told The Atlantic that vaccines remained one of its main areas of focus – it generated sales of $ 5.3 billion in 2014.

The Eldorado dreamed of anticovid vaccines

Thanks to the global panic created and fueled by unprecedented propaganda and intense lobbying to impose vaccination obligations in as many countries as possible, anticovid vaccines represent a potential market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

One of the doctors closely linked to this industry declared in April 2020 to Sud Radio that he hoped to vaccinate twice 7 billion people, which at an average price of 20 dollars per unit would thus generate 280 billion sales. And since the providential arrival of variants and the uncertainties over the duration of vaccine immunity, the expectation of having to vaccinate each year for a new variant and of planning regular boosters further expands the potential market.

But this market is a giant with feet of clay because it is based on an overplayed medical presentation, and several criminal complaints including that of reaction19 (8) (9) against gene therapy wrongly called anticovid vaccine have been filed. Especially the worrying first results of vaccinations in Israel and Britain, the large number of fatal complications observed in old people with multiple comorbidities and the high number of disabling side effects could destroy hopes of unlimited profitability.

The dream came true for the shareholders, but for how long?

This pseudo-vaccine put on the market outside of all the usual safety procedures is a scam based on the panic fear created by the media and the governments for a pandemic which has killed in just one year more than 0.001 of the French population. (10) and 0.0008 from the Germans, and globally little more than the Asian flu of 1958-1959 which had not caused any hysteria or any economic consequences.

It is based on scientific cheating claiming that vaccines are 95% effective while doctors only have press releases from laboratories and little detailed preliminary results. The critical analysis of these data does not provide any demonstration of the efficacy in reducing mortality, or in limiting the transmission of the disease, and hardly details the side effects in the medium and long term, because the average duration of follow-up n is only 4 months

In view of the uncertainties of the trials published to date, the current large vaccination campaigns in Israel and Great Britain constitute stage 3 therapeutic trials, the results of which are being closely scrutinized. But these are currently very worrying.

The risky bet of Benjamin Netanyahu

The Pfizer vaccine vaccination campaign started on 12/20/2020 and the Israeli government achieved the feat of vaccinating over 3 million of its citizens in 53 days, but was it right to transform them? so quickly in guinea pigs?

From a scientific point of view, this is exciting because it is a phase 3 therapeutic trial of unparalleled scale that will provide the answers to questions that Pfizer has not answered with its botched trials.

But from an ethical and medical point of view, it is very questionable. The World Medical Association, whose declaration of Helsinki recalls the lessons of Nuremberg, stipulates that an experimental treatment should be administered only if it is likely to render a personal service to the one who receives it after fair information. However, for those under 65 in good health, there is no personal benefit to be hoped for while vaccine complications are possible.

And politically it’s risky. If vaccination succeeds in eradicating the disease Benyamin Netanyahu will become the new hero of the country and win the next elections; otherwise he risks suffering the fate of Benigno Aquino, Filipino President who has staked everything on the Dengvaxia vaccination campaign, the bitter failure of which cost him the presidency and currently exposes him to the wrath of the justice system in his country.

The aim of a vaccination campaign is to prevent the transmission of the disease and reduce mortality in the population. These two criteria are the only relevant ones.

However, since the vaccination, according to the WHO, daily incidence and mortality have exploded in Israel with an incidence of new cases increasing from 2792 on December 20 to 4573 on February 9, 2021 and daily mortality increasing from 18 on December 20, 2020 to 43 on 2/9/21. Despite the continuation of a reinforced containment increasingly discussed by the Orthodox, the month of January set the absolute record of monthly mortality (1,433 deaths, or a third of the overall mortality since the start of the epidemic) and daily (69).

Of course, it cannot be said for the moment that vaccination alone is responsible for this outbreak of the disease. For the moment, this is only a very significant temporal correlation, and a strong alarm signal.

Evolution in Great Britain since vaccination

Great Britain is the second country in the vaccination race which began on December 4 with the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech supplemented in January by the vaccine from Astra Zeneca. Since that date, just over 13 million people have been vaccinated in the UK, including 25% of adults and over 90% of those over 75.

Since then, the number of daily infections has risen from 14,898 on December 4 to 68,063 on January 9, 2021, slowly returning to pre-vaccination figures

And unfortunately Covid19 mortality has exploded with an increase of nearly 300% (414 on December 4 versus 1,564 on January 14) to return to double that observed in the week preceding the vaccination campaign.

In addition, the vaccination of those most at risk has encountered many serious complications which have prompted an alert to the WHO by the Norwegian health agency, and in many countries to restrictions on the use of vaccines for the over 65s (however those who would be the priority targets).

Concern for the future of sales

These considerable and simultaneous increases in daily mortalities of deaths in the two vaccination champion countries for the 2 months following vaccination are very worrying. They confirm that conditional marketing authorizations for vaccines were rushed and premature.

It is to be hoped that, in the coming weeks, the health situation of our Israeli and British friends will clearly improve. If not quickly, the hopes raised by this vaccination could turn into a nightmare and the inevitable media coverage of the problem could turn this medical failure into a global health scandal leading to widespread mistrust of vaccination and a considerable drop in sales of medicines. vaccine.

Hope in vaccines sparked market optimism and big rises in manufacturers’ stock prices when their products were cleared for sale. Since then, despite a soothing communication, the fall in the prices of Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca could reflect the uncertainties about the reality of the effects of vaccines.

1 According to a survey carried out by health insurance, 61% of patients treated with statins have a low cardiovascular risk and 53% of them have never been encouraged to respect the rules of hygiene and diet. In addition, in two-thirds of cases, the prescription of statins does not take into account LDL-cholesterol thresholds.

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9 The Reaction19fr association and its founder lodged a criminal complaint against X on December 16 against gene therapy wrongly called “vaccine”. The complaint concerns the following offenses:

– Offense of deliberately endangering the life of others Art. 223-1 of the Penal Code

– Aggravated deception offense Article L213-1 and L213- of the Consumer Code

– Offense of abuse of weakness Article 223-15-2 of the Penal Code

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10 While the annual cancer mortality is estimated at nearly 160,000, i.e. twice as many in number of deaths and 10 to 20 times as many in terms of years of life lost because the average life expectancy of those who died from covid19 reached 6 months earlier. their virosis against twenty years for cancer deaths.

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