Unemployment insurance: general dissatisfaction guaranteed

The ETHIC movement is surprised at the incongruity of the measures proposed by the Minister of Labor, who has taken it upon himself to review the compensation of job seekers, despite the economic consequences of the health and social crisis. The reform is expected to come into force in the summer after a decree issued in March. We do not know what is most unwelcome: the reform itself or its timing? Is it time to penalize the unemployed by reducing their income in the midst of uncertainty ?! Too easy to bet on the economic recovery by conditioning part of the reform, such as the entry of the unemployed into the compensation system, on the good health of the labor market. This is a dangerous risk because what will happen if there is a further downturn in the labor market afterwards? And then as usual, everything is accompanied by threshold effects in the worthy tradition of a distressing technocratic complexity: deadlines, floor calculation, clause of return to better fortunes, indexation on promises of hiring over a certain period. , etc. What create incomprehension and a feeling of injustice. In summary, 22% less income on average for 850,000 people (source: Unédic). In addition, the taxation of short contracts, the implementation of which is not linked to the economic situation, is an implicit punishment for SMEs in particular, which often currently have no other choice to recruit given lack of visibility. It is a truly harmful reform project since it harms everyone! Even to the State which will derive very little profit from it and a maximum of criticism!