Unemployment rise continues in February 2021 – economy

Unemployment continues to increase in France. After January 2021, which has already seen an increase compared to December 2020, February 2021 signs a further increase: the number of job seekers in categories A, B and C thus stands at 5,716,800, against 5,384,900 in February 2019.

Unemployment: the number of registered for more than a year is increasing

Rise in all directions for unemployment in France. In February 2021, the number of people registered with Pôle Emploi in categories A, B and C increased further to 5,716,800. Compared with February 2020, the increase is 6.1%. In addition, February 2021 is the third consecutive month of increase, after 5,714,100 job seekers in January 2021 and 5,710,000 in December 2020.

The number of job seekers increased especially in category A (3,576,600 against 3,245,600 in February 2020) but remained almost stable in categories B and C (2,140,200 against 2,139,300 in February 2020). An increase in the number of category A job seekers is also observed between January and February 2021. Another eloquent observation: the number of registrants for a year or more has risen sharply: 2,811,600 against 2,535,800 in February 2020. As a percentage, we are now on 50.4% of job seekers registered for more than a year against 47.1% a year ago.

Short-time working masks the real situation

We must not forget that these figures do not include people on short-time work: in February 2021, there were 2.1 million. The real number of people without activity but wishing to work is therefore much higher (5.7 million + 2.1 million = 7.8 million).

Partial unemployment is currently extended until the end of April 2021. When the conditions (currently very lenient) of partial unemployment begin to worsen (less compensation for employers by Unédic mainly), we must expect massive exits from the system and therefore a wave of classic unemployment.