Unpaid rents risk exploding, winter break prolonged

The initially health-related Covid-19 crisis is coupled with a major economic crisis whose effects were relatively weak in 2020, in particular thanks to the massive mobilization of the government, which distributed billions to individuals and businesses. But the Abbé Pierre foundation is worried: rental arrears could explode in the months to come.

Unpaid rents: “a time bomb” for the Abbé Pierre foundation

While the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which campaigns against poor housing in France, publishes its 26th annual report on the issue on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, the Covid-19 crisis is channeling the association’s concerns: rental arrears. In the midst of the economic crisis, France having suffered the worst recession in its history since World War II, unpaid rents are a real “time bomb”, she judges.

And the situation should not improve: thousands of jobs are threatened by the various social plans announced and to come, in all sectors. These are all situations which, in the near future, could lead tenants to no longer be able to pay their rent and therefore to risk expulsion.

The end of the winter break postponed by several months?

The situation does not seem to worry only the Abbé Pierre foundation, but also the government. According to information from FranceInfo, the latter would have in the boxes a reprieve for tenants in difficulty, which will only postpone a difficult deadline.

The site revealed on February 1, 2021 that Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister Delegate for Housing, plans to postpone the start of rental evictions in France. The proceedings were to resume on March 31, 2021, the date of the end of the winter break. But the health and economic situation would push the government to push it back to 1er June 2021.

A decision that would be justified by the number of expulsion procedures currently underway: 30,000, according to information from FranceInfo, or double than in normal times.

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