Unvaccinated, licensed. The forever guilty silence of the unions !! – EconomyMorning

Every day I will begin my editorials with this formula, in protest. I invite you all to use this formula in all your texts, discussions, writings or comments.

“For 2 days millions of French people have been victims of the first laws of discrimination, not because they are sick, but not“ vaccinated ”. Let’s not forget them “.

In our country, in the year of grace 2021, our unvaccinated fellow citizens are under tremendous pressure to get vaccinated. These pressures are such that if they do not get vaccinated voluntarily, the minister of “labor” invented a new trick in the “right” to spoil our lives, namely “the suspension of the employment contract” for two months and not paid …

This is to say if “we” leave the choice to you.

The bite or the hunger …

I would like to remind everyone who works in the restaurant business and who are over 25 years old that the RSA exists…

There you have it, even the minister does not seem to be very comfortable with her measures, which are obviously totally unconstitutional. If this law is validated, then the Constitution of our country will have been, in effect, repealed. I would like to remind all useful “hungers” here too, that Jacques Chirac had added the precautionary principle to the Constitution… just that!

Élisabeth Borne: “We have introduced a procedure for suspending the employment contract, without remuneration” for employees without a valid health pass pic.twitter.com/45FxjU6tPA

– BFMTV (@BFMTV) July 20, 2021

Starving the French is not a very good idea …

But when “it doesn’t” understand in the mamamouchis, well that’s not. However, I assure you that I try to show, me too, of pedagogy towards them, but nothing helps. I find it easier to explain economics to my children aged 8 to 13 than politics seen from below to our great helmsmen.

To starve is obviously to radicalize. When the bowls are empty, there is not much to lose. Macron is also in the process of cutting himself off from the electoral base of young people who represent the majority of employees in restaurants or in all campsites and other leisure centers … Absurd when they risk nothing or almost statistically from this virus .

Better, as I show you in this edition from the Netherlands we confirm what we already know from Israel, England or Gibraltar (almost 100% of vaccinated there), to to know that the virus circulates enormously in the vaccinated ones and by the vaccinated ones who are also sick.

The vaccine is not a cure or a quick fix. It is one of the tools at our disposal and I can tell you that I feel reassured that my parents, aged 81 and 83, are vaccinated. I hope that for them the benefit / risk outweighs. I am therefore not against vaccines, but against discrimination in all its forms, including vaccines!

As the slogan says, the vaccine is debated, the health pass, we fight it!

“You present the vaccine as a miracle cure, Minister. That is wrong. England and Israel are struggling with high vaccination rates.
The vaccine is a tool against Covid. To say that it is a miracle cure: it is to lie. ” #Health Pass pic.twitter.com/mPw67d3WbX

– François Ruffin (@Francois_Ruffin) July 21, 2021

François Ruffin had the courage to bring this information to the National Assembly. Let him be thanked.

There is no longer any left or right there, there are French people who think that we can “spoil” the lives of other French people and that freedom and the right no longer count in the face of a virus that does not exist. is not Ebola! Which is not smallpox, and which is not the black plague.

The vaccine is debated, but the health pass, we fight, with force, with determination, with constancy, with benevolence, with elegance and without violence.. We boycott, we explain, we try by all means to win hearts and especially to win each vaccinated, because the freedom that must be defended is also the future freedom of all those vaccinated.

The vaccinated are not our enemies, on the contrary, many have been vaccinated because they are forced and forced, in reality they do not adhere at all, there is nothing voluntary in this … Tell them about future injections, of the 2 billion doses already ordered for the continuation of the vaccination program and this pass, which once in place will never pass again. It will remain.

It is unacceptable to see my fellow citizens lose their jobs because they refuse an injection.

It all goes way too far.

As for the unions, for those who still had doubts about their usefulness, they have just signed, by their silence, their end forever in the defense of employees. A deadly and guilty silence, a lack of courage that should never be forgotten. Their role is to defend the weak in a balance of power where they are at a disadvantage vis-à-vis the employers. Here, nothing, it is obviously their role. They have just failed out of cowardice.

Finally, don’t forget, vaccinees are infectious. Protect yourself, be careful, remain vigilant, respect barrier gestures, remain masked. Take care of yourself and others, everyone else.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !