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The health crisis we are going through has profoundly transformed our daily work life. Its impact on the economic life of our companies has led us all to ask ourselves the legitimate question of our professional future.

Employer and employee have had to change their relationship and think, alone or together, about their future. It is in this context that upskilling has become a central subject in companies affected by the crisis. In many cases, this approach has become a major strategic issue for companies on short-time working who have voluntarily wished to transform this health crisis into an opportunity.

Upskilling, a powerful lever for creating future value

For these companies, adopting an upskilling approach based on increasing the skills of its employees serves their ambitions, not in the short term, but in the medium and long terms. By thus allowing its employees to train themselves in the latest skills in their professions and to acquire additional skills in related and innovative fields, the company invests deeply and sustainably in its future, guaranteeing a powerful lever for creating value in the future.

The current crisis as the trigger for a long-term approach

Upskilling is part of an approach that goes well beyond the current crisis, we have all now individually understood that it is fundamental to follow the evolutions of your profession to remain competitive and develop your long-term employability. On this point, upskilling is an effective way to stimulate its employees, to take charge of their future to stay at the forefront of innovation and to constantly rethink their profession.. In this sense, companies have, as we know, an important responsibility to develop the skills of their teams.

Rather than suffer it, they must seize it to make it an opportunity: develop a real internal culture based on excellence and enabled by a continuous increase in the skills of its employees. Company and employee will thus share a unifying objective, vector of success and ambition that have become collective. This strong message, often underestimated, will also show the consideration that the employer carries and will become a strong engine of loyalty and motivation.

Upskilling, a co-constructed and individualized process

Upskilling, which perfectly matches current employees, requires asking the right questions for everyone: what skills? What durations? Which format, continuously or alternately for adults? Under what pedagogical modalities? For which profiles? … To answer them, it is necessary from the start to carry out a complete mapping of all the skills of its employees with their levels of acquisition and certification. These skills can be technical but also managerial or linguistic, for example. This mapping should not be limited to what is used daily for the company. Many employees often have talents that are forgotten or ignored by the company.

Finally, upskiling must be an approach popular with employees because they, like the company, will engage in a sometimes restrictive process. This is indeed a co-construction intended to be long-term for mutual benefit. The company will thus build with its employees a structured plan which can then be deployed on a large scale with the support of all.

Upskilling and GPEC, same fight?

Upskilling, by virtue of its virtuous and proactive approach, is advantageously part of the forward-looking management of employment and company skills (GPEC) which is usually positioned as a preventive management of Human Resources with regard to its environment. , its objectives and its challenges.

In conclusion, if upskilling is undeniably an asset to be exploited in the short term in the current crisis to allow companies to emerge with more expert employees and better trained in the latest innovations, the approach is above all an opportunity to set up a real long-term corporate culture based on excellence.

In this new world where funding seems to flow freely, human skills will be more than ever the value that will make the difference between organizations.

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