US President-elect Joe Biden can cancel the license for the $ 9 billion oil pipeline project

On his first day as President, Mr. Biden could cancel the $ 9 billion oil project

One of the first things US President Joe Biden takes on inauguration may be to cancel the license of the US $ 9 billion pipeline project from Canada to the US.

Pipeline storage for construction of Keystone XL project in Gascoyne village, North Dakota state, USA in January 2017. Photo: Reuters

The Republican President-elect Joe Biden is likely to cancel the license for the $ 9 billion Keystone XL pipeline project, which when he was a vice president, sources familiar with Reuters said. rejected by the Barack Obama administration in an effort to deal with climate change.

Previously, the Keystone XL oil pipeline project was one of the key commitments of Mr. Donald Trump in the 45th US presidential election campaign.

Meanwhile, Mr. Biden, who will take office as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, has vowed to cancel the license granted by the US President to the Keystone XL project if he is elected president.

The words “Cancel the license for the Keystone XL oil pipeline project” appeared in the list of legal actions that President Biden is expected to take on his first day as the “boss” of the White House, the radio company. Canadian television CBC reported.

Canadian Ambassador to the US Kirsten Hillman said she would continue to promote the project as it is in line with the environmental strategies of both countries. Ambassador Hillman recently stated: “There is no better partner for the US in responding to climate change than Canada because we together action for green transitions “.

Designed to move oil from Alberta (Canada) to Nebraska (USA), but Keystone XL project slowdown due to legal issues in the US. In an attempt to seek to investigate the expansion of oil sands fields in Canada, environmentalists have voiced opposition to the Keystone XL project by criticizing the construction of new pipelines to deliver crude oil to homes. oil filter.

While, The Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney said on Twitter that the cancellation of the Keystone XL project will damage jobs, undermine US-Canadian relations, and undermine US national security by making the US more dependent on sources. imported oil from OPEC.

TC Energy, the operator of the pipeline, said the business will reach zero net emissions by 2023 when the project is operational. The company also pledged to only use renewable energy sources by 2030 in an effort to win Biden’s backing.

The Keystone project pipeline construction is well under way in Canada, with the cross-border connection completed. In the US, TC Energy has already started building pumping stations in the states that the Keystone XL pipeline passes, but legal barriers here make the construction of the 2020 project in the US very expensive. .

In 2015, US President Barack Obama “cut off” the Keystone XL project and said that Canada will get most of the economic benefits from the project while this project will increase the amount of greenhouse gases.

Under President Donald Trump, on January 26, 2017, the Keystone XL project filed an application for the US government to re-license the construction of project facilities in the border area. President Donald Trump then licensed the project in 2017, while also allowing the project to continue. However, many environmental groups have sued the US government for the move.

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