US presidential election: Trump wins “landslide” or leaves the White House

US presidential election: Mr. Trump won a landslide victory or left the White House

There is still the possibility that Mr. Trump will win the electoral votes as happened in 2016 and re-elect the president for the next term, only that victory will “land a landslide”.

Assoc. Dr. Cu Chi Loi, Director of the American Institute for American Studies, said that there is rarely any presidential election that makes the world so attentive. Photo: Quang Dang

This scenario can still happen with a very special US presidential election like 2020. This is the PGS thing. Dr. Cu Chi Loi, Director of the American Research Institute of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, emphasized in an interview with the Online Investment Newspaper reporter this afternoon, November 4 – the time when the election results heated up. minutes when the candidate running for president has a close chase screen in the battle states.

Observing longtime American politics, in your opinion, what makes the 2020 US presidential election so special?

It must be emphasized that the special feature of the 2020 US presidential election is that it attracts the close attention of the world. Rarely does an American presidential election make the world so attentive, from the preparation process, the process and content of the debate, the moment the Americans vote directly, to the election results, because Perhaps the results of the presidential election in 2020 will greatly affect US policy in the future.

Another difference is due to Covid-19. The Covid-19 policy created a new situation for the 2020 US presidential election. If normal, one can look at Mr. Trump’s four years as president to evaluate (level of support – PV ), but with the “squeeze” of Covid-19, all the lenses of long-standing assessment of the US election have been changed.

Normally, if the US economy is in a serious recession as it is now, the incumbent president will hardly have the chance to stay in the White House for another term, but the US economy recession because of Covid-19 is another matter. Therefore, the drama of the US presidential election in 2020 is much stronger than that of previous elections.

According to Assoc.  Dr. Cu Chi Loi, the battlefield states - which are considered
According to Assoc. Dr. Cu Chi Loi, the battlefield states – which are considered “death doors” will be the places where Mr. Trump must penetrate if he wants to stay in the White House for another term. Photo: Quang Dang

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump with a large difference according to national opinion poll results. This makes many opinions that Mr. Trump should have a “landslide” victory over Joe Biden if he wants to stay in the White House for another term. What do you think about that?

It is relatively early to talk about the end result. Up until this point, what’s going on compared to the previous probe is the contrast a lot.

Poll results have its own merits, but for the US election, the most important lens is still the electoral votes, while public opinion polls reflect a lot about the popular vote, and overstating the electoral votes. tri through public opinion poll is not necessarily accurate.

Mr. Trump may still have a chance to sit in the White House for a second term, because the current US President has the qualities that Americans expect, especially young voters; Most is a personality, fierce and responsible person who says to do like Mr. Trump, rather than one who promises well and does in moderation. The battlefield states – which are considered “death doors” that Mr. Trump must penetrate if he wants to stay in the White House for another term. We know that the battle states are the states that determine the outcome of the US presidential election. This is the site of Trump’s victory in the 2016 election season.

With the current situation, it may still happen the same scenario in 2016. What is happening in the US election is a sign of “landslide” compared to the previous exploration results. If the election results in the battle states are favorable for Mr. Trump, then compared with the previous exploration results, it is a “landslide” achievement.

I believe that Mr. Trump can still gain great support in the battle states because Mr. Trump’s trade policy in recent times is favorable for many battlefield states with developed agriculture. Furthermore, voters in swing states sought a model of American leadership like Trump rather than Biden. Although Biden has very good qualities, is an experienced politician, but in order to help America rise in the current situation, it is necessary to have a leader with exceptionally strong qualities. And Mr. Trump has special qualities to persuade American voters.

In the midst of Covid-19 spreading throughout the United States, Mr. Trump, with his election campaign aimed at the economy, could convince a large number of American voters, according to you?

Trump’s election policy has always been economic. Compared to 2016, Mr. Trump is still fiercely looking for a new way to boost the development of the US economy. Although some people do not completely agree with Mr. Trump’s development policy, it must be affirmed that Mr. Trump is finding a new way to develop the US economy, especially through trade policy and tax policy … created driving force and life flow for the US economy.

Because, Mr. Trump was elected president of the US in 2016 in the context of the US economic recovery step, but the recovery was still slow. On the international level, especially compared with China’s rapid growth, the gap between the US and China has narrowed, so President Trump has sought to bring the US economy up by means of effective policy. First of all, the US GDP growth of 2-3% is a very high growth rate of a developed economy and there is no such modern developed economy in the world that has achieved such high growth rate. .

The result is from strong stimulus policies of Trump. The first is the policy of reducing taxes for manufacturers, then the policy to develop the energy industry despite the environmental controversy when the Trump administration announced the withdrawal of the Paris Agreement on change. climate, for oil production in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, along with policies to encourage the development of the manufacturing industry … bring a large amount of jobs for Americans.

Unfortunately for Mr. Trump is the “blow to the sky” Covid-19 that caused the US economy to suffer a severe recession in recent years. Without the appearance of Covid-19, perhaps the US economy will maintain a strong growth momentum as in the past, a speed that is difficult for any other developed economy to achieve.

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