US: The Court announces review of the Justice Department’s appeal on TikTok

US: The Court announces review of the Justice Department’s appeal on TikTok

The District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has unanimously agreed to quickly review the US Department of Justice’s appeal against a judge’s ruling blocking the TikTok app download ban.

TikTok icon. (Source: AFP / VNA)

According to the Vietnam News Agency reporter in the US, District District Appeal Court on October 14 agreed to quickly consider it a letter of appeal of the US Department of Justice on a judge’s ruling blocking the TikTok-owned app download ban ByteDance group (China).

On October 8, the US Department of Justice said it appealed to the District Court of Appeal of the District of Columbia for the above decision. On September 27, Washington Federal Court Judge Carl Nichols issued an interim ruling preventing the US Department of Commerce from removing Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc from its app stores. these companies TikTok application so that new users can download it.

Previously, on September 23, TikTok applied for a suspension ban the above, issued by President Trump’s decree in August targeting ByteDance’s video-sharing platform, as well as the messaging app WeChat. The ban was delayed by the US Department of Commerce a week after the parties agreed to work out a restructuring deal at the request of Trump, when the US President was previously concerned that the Tik Tok application would cause problems. concerns about US national security.

The agreement to restructure the ownership of the TikTok app is controversial when the parties involved come up with conflicting information. President Trump vowed to block any agreement that would allow ByteDance corporation to retain control of the app. Walmart Inc and Oracle Corp are negotiating to buy stakes in TikTok Global, the new company that will conduct TikTok’s US business. However, key terms of the deal, including who holds a majority stake, are controversial.

Meanwhile, ByteDance also said any deal would have to be approved by the Chinese government. The Chinese government has reviewed a list of technologies that will be banned from export, under which it will have the discretion over any deal relating to TikTok./.

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