Used and refurbished high-tech is booming in France

Buying a new high-tech product seems to have gone out of fashion … In 2020, the French have massively rushed into reconditioned and used smartphones, computers and game consoles, the price comparison Idealo tells us.

Used and refurbished smartwatches: demand soared by 243% in 2020

Never has the demand for refurbished and second-hand high-tech products been so high in France! Between February 2020 and February 2021, refurbished and used smartwatches saw demand soar by 243%, game consoles by 231%, touch tablets by 89% and laptops by 75%. To a lesser extent, cameras (+ 44%), smartphones (+ 41%), computers (+ 40%) and connected speakers (+ 26%) have also seen demand increase strongly, tells us the Idealo price comparator, which collected this data by observing the use of its French site.

Even if smartphones are not the most purchased product category, many French Internet users are looking for them: this category alone concentrates 50% of searches for refurbished and used products on Idealo. As for the rest of the products, demand appears to be roughly evenly distributed, with laptops coming in second (with 12% of demand) and game consoles in third (11% of demand).

The French are fond of refurbished game consoles, the offer does not follow

When it comes to the balance between supply and demand, in the case of smartphones, it is perfect. But in other product categories, different cases arise. The demand for game consoles is very strong (11% of all) compared to the available supply (5% of all products only). Desktop computers are also affected: they concentrate 7% of demand against only 4% of supply.

In other product categories, on the other hand, the supply is more abundant than the demand. This is the case of touch tablets: they concentrate 12% of the supply but represent only 7% of the demand. Connected speakers represent 9% of the supply of refurbished and used products but only 5% of the demand, and connected watches 7% of the supply against 5% of the demand.