Vaccination against Covid: “line-cut vaccines” at the American Hospital – Economy

According to information France Info, The American Hospital of Neuilly would have carried out the vaccination of certain members of its board of directors. A “queue-cut vaccine” contrary to the stages of the official vaccination campaign.

The American hospital has vaccinated some of its ” governors

According to information France Info, published Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the American Hospital of Neuilly, in Hauts-de-Seine, carried out the vaccination against Covid-19 of about twenty of its ” governors », Including members of the board of directors but also major donors. The private hospital structure therefore proceeded with vaccinations going against the steps set by the government.

The members of the board of directors or Board of Governor’s have been called to be vaccinated as confirmed to France Info, Bruno Durieux, honorary governor of the American Hospital: ” I was called to get vaccinated at the American Hospital Occupational Medicine on January 14th. I just got my second dose in early February. All governors were invited to do so. »Aged 76, Bruno Durieux was fit to receive his vaccine since the French campaign vaccinates people over 75 and people with high-risk pathologies, however this is not the case for all members of the Board of Governor’s.

A skip-the-line strategy assumed by the American Hospital.

While some are old enough to be vaccinated against Covid-19, this is not the case for all. The millionaire Arnaud Lagardère and Helen Lee Bouygues, both governors of the American Hospital, are respectively 59 and 45 years old. However, The American Hospital believes that its vaccination campaign did not go against the rules decreed by the High Authority of Health.

The hospital confirms having vaccinated ” all voluntary and eligible people working in the hospital (doctors, caregivers, administrators, governors, cleaning, security and catering providers, volunteer volunteers) according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health and in accordance with the directives of the health authorities ” But refuses to disseminate the names and ages of these people in the name of medical confidentiality.

The practice of these ” skip-the-line vaccines Would not be confined to the American Hospital alone. According to France Info, other private hospitals, and even public vaccination centers approved by the HAS would practice these privileges.

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