Vaccination: “Coercion becomes legitimate when it comes to protecting others and protecting oneself!” “- EconomyMorning

The ETHIC movement (Independent Human Size and Growth Companies) militates for the entrepreneurial responsibility and the freedom of the company for the sanitary organization of the work.

The President of the ETHIC movement, Sophie de Menthon, alongside MEDEF, is fighting for the generalization of the vaccine. It is not a question of imposing it on everyone, at least initially, but on certain categories of the population particularly exposed to contact.

Thus, without a formal constraint of the law, except for the nursing staff, a real requirement of the vaccine has become today desirable in the very great majority of the activities of the common life:

– be vaccinated TO have the right to work in a team,

– be vaccinated TO go to shows and nightclubs,

– be vaccinated FOR travel (train, plane, etc.),

– be vaccinated TO sit in the restaurant,

– be vaccinated TO enter a school

The requirement of vaccination in the context of certain activities makes sense! », Explains Sophie de Menthon, president of the ETHIC movement. “Being vaccinated, when you are in contact with others, quite simply allows you to protect yourself and others “.

These constraints are non-liberticidal insofar as we have the choice to be vaccinated or not.

It would be up to business leaders and managers to settle amicably this vaccine constraint case by case.

NB: Remember that 11 vaccines are due from childhood.