Vaccine and Covid-19: AstraZeneca changes name

New packaging and new name! The AstraZeneca vaccine will be renamed soon. This name change has been approved by the European Medicines Agency and may help the vaccine regain patient confidence.

Name change for AstraZeneca vaccine

It is called, in colloquial language, “to remake a virginity”. According to our colleagues from La Libre Belgique, the Swedish medicines agency Läkemedelsverket announced on Tuesday March 30, 2021 that the British-Swedish vaccine AstraZeneca will change its name. The procedure was approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on March 25.

The packaging will also change. Finally, it is only the product itself that does not change. We would like to make us forget the AstraZeneca vaccine, that we could not do it better! And for good reason, it has been controversial in recent days in France but also in other European countries, where its administration was suspended for several days because it was suspected of causing blood clots.

AstraZeneca vaccine is renamed Vaxzevria

But since, the AstraZeneca vaccine was cleared by the European regulator, which said on March 18 that it was ” safe and efficient And that the benefits outweighed the risks. According to phase III clinical trials carried out in the United States, it is 79% effective in preventing symptomatic Covid-19 in the general population and 100% in preventing severe forms of the disease and hospitalization. It will be noted however that it is the laboratory which carried out the tests.

As they say, “we take the same ones and start over”! You are probably wondering about the new name of the AstraZeneca and here it is: Vaxzevria. Nothing to see, is it? It remains to be seen whether the fact of having been renamed will allow this vaccine against Covid-19 to restore its image. His suspension for a few days raised a wind of mistrust among the French and many people, to get vaccinated, have more confidence in Pfizer or Moderna.