Vaccines: Despite record gains, labs raise prices

In Europe, the vaccinated do not know how much a vaccine against Covid-19 really costs… and for good reason: vaccination, the only solution to stem the progression of the virus, is free. It is the States which pay (therefore, by rebound, the citizens via taxes and public debt). But Pfizer and Moderna have announced an increase in their selling prices … despite tens of billions of dollars in earnings already anticipated.

Tens of billions in sales announced by Moderna and Pfizer laboratories

It was in May 2021, when the Delta variant was much less threatening and the vaccination campaign was really starting to bear fruit: Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech, the two laboratories which developed the mRNA technology vaccines, unveiled the sales estimates for the doses … and the money they hoped to get out of it.

It was Pfizer which expected to garner the most turnover: 3.5 billion dollars for all global sales over the first three months of the year … and a forecast of $ 26 billion for the full year. Potentially more, moreover, because at that time the question of the third dose of vaccine was still little studied; today, it presents itself as inevitable, Israel having even started its campaign of recalls.

On the side of Moderna, less distributed, the gains are a little less important: 18 to 19 billion dollars expected in 2021. This is a record for the laboratory.

Vaccine prices rise in Europe

Despite these billionaire gains, the laboratories seem convinced that they will be able to earn even more money … by renegotiating the contracts that bind them to the States, and in particular to the European Union (since vaccines are negotiated at EU level) . According to the economic newspaper The Financial Times, it would even be done.

Pfizer would have renegotiated the price of its vaccine to 19.50 euros per dose, or 4 euros more than previously. Moderna, for its part, would now cost 21.50 euros, against 19 euros previously. Data which, however, has not been confirmed by the European Union, the contracts being confidential.